Free Mode in Renoise

Is there a way to get renoise to open up with 512 lines in length per pattern, 18-25 lines per beat, and somewhere around 900 pattern sequences?
The reason for this is to record ideas on the fly with midi controllers or the qwerty keyboard without limitation and interruption. I hate to stop and make more pattern blocks in the sequence window, adjust the lines per beat to capture swing inputs, and always adjusting the lines per pattern.
My technique in composing is building upon improvisation and structure first. polishing is last.

Go to the “Song Settings” tab on the left side of your screen, change what you want to change and save as template :)

thanks based td6d.
Ive had renoise for a year and 2 months now. The native effects are nice and the workflow is easier with everything side my side. I feel like i should have this since i started. It makes up for lost time and effort. Its a great tool.