Free Movie! The Truth? You Decide.

If you like it, please do the world a favor and spread the link. If you don’t like it, feel free to discuss why.

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this is totally some of the most important stuff out there… At least the second half (and perhaps the first part can be quite relieving for many of those who are subliminally pondering the differences of good and evil and stuff like that.

totally seconded…

So glad this information is getting out… gives some hope to many :)

The experience of watching Zeitgeist reminds me of Neo being unplugged from the Matrix.

Except I am not part of a movie.

did only watch the first ten minutes so far, but this is very much my topic and this george carlin quote about the invisible man in the sky is one of my favourates for years now.
I also recently read abit about jesus on wikipedia and it’s very interesting that nearly all written history about jesus comes from the bible … and we are talking about a time when the romans for example had lot of writers writing down almost every piece of gossip going around. no word about a mysterious figure doing wonders anywhere else. which is kinda strange.

According to this movie, the core of the Bible is basically a politically repurposed plagiarism of Egyptian mythology. Said Egyptian mythology is in turn based on astrology. Jesus, the Christ, replaces Horus, who symbolises the Sun. The core myths of Horus have direct parallels to the core story of Jesus’ life. Which, when read as a description of astrological phenomena, parallels them event-for-event and precisely.

Movies like this make me so proud of sticking with Atheism :)

I find it somewhat disturbing how many BILLION people subscribe to similar religions, probably ever more vehemently in the face of mind-benders like this movie.

watched the whole movie now and … mhh. I do agree with part I and II, from there on it sorta drifts abit too much right and gets too paranoid/american-patriotic for my taste.

Gonna put on an iron shirt, to chase the devil out of earth…
Gonna send him to outer-space to find another race…
-Crusades? (perpetual war?)
riding inside this bubble of creation, laying all destruction to the past; with only the hope of future, relying on faith.

-the gangster caravan/train?
-each carriage embossed with it’s own deep lying mathematical symbolism.
-familiarity in objects

who am i working for?

Wow, this was a great movie! Even better than loose change. It’s pretty oblivious that pretty many governments around the world are corrupted and the whole world is f****d up. I love these types of films so if you know any other good movie similar to this, please do not hesitate to tell me ;)

you’ve obviously missed a big part of the film if you say it is right-winged and patriotic. “the most incredible aspect of all: these totalitarian elements will not be forced upon the people, the people will demand them. for the social manipulation of society though the generation of fear and devision has completely detached humans from their sense of power and reality. a process which has been going on for centuries, if not millennia: religion, patriotism, race, wealth, class and every other form of arbitrary separatist identification thus conceived has served to create a controlled population utterly malleable in the hand of the few.”

I think the whole movie has a pretty clear standpoint against globalization, corrupted governments and the extreme capitalism built upon interests from federal banks which is possible just because of a corrupted system… And I see absolutely no right-winged nor patriotic in those types of opinions…

well, let me explain …

It seems to me that the average american does not care about anything going on behind the borders of the USA. Somehow they completely live in their country and don’t really give a crap about anything beyond. Foreign politics are not really an issue in presidential debates. The whole new opposition against the war in iraq is based on the fact that american soldiers are dying there. It’s not because this war is a politically stupid thing based on lies, but on the fact that it became a military disaster. If the war would run smoother and there wouldn’t be so much losses I guess the american public would still not bother about that war. Also, europe suddenly became the enemy because most countries opposed the war, something the average american does not seem to be able to comprehend. “How can they be against us ?”
It’s the same f.e. with environmental issues, the US not signing the kyoto protocol or just giving a f**** about their CO2 emissions etc. etc.
Also I watched Sicko some time ago (not as a documentary but as an entertaining movie, to set that straight) and it hit me again : for me as european there is nothing really shocking in that movie, I know all this, but I guess for an average american (should he view that movie at all) this must be like an entire world collapsing.

And there are some people who oppose things that are happening in the US, but again only from a narrowed down view. I would like to throw up when I hear sentences like “Bush lied to the american public”. No, ffs, he tried to lie to the whole world, but the only people he actually was succesful in lying to was the american public, but the point is that those lies started a series of events that effect the whole world. Whenever I hear some american argue about 9/11 they talk about their country … this day changed the whole world, not just the US !

Also there was recently a little movement in the blogosphere about the recent events in Burma, people posting little buttons on their blogs to show that they are worried and support the democratic movement there, surely nothing big and probably nothing that will change anything. But the point is that this was a movement with alot of participation all over europe (mainly germany and italy as I heard). A lot of A-Bloggers from the US also got messages about this movement thing and the request to atleast point to it … and about no one did anything. They simply didn’t care.

There are people like Alex Jones (also featured in that movie, you hear his voice a view times) that oppose Bush from a very strange place far right, and he for example is someone stating that it’s a shame that the US actually bothers with the United Nations arguing that no american should take opinions from forein countries … I mean wtf ?!

But these people (and also the general tone of that movie) seem to me like they would like to change things in the US, then build a wall around it and maybe have some trade-relationships with other countries, but nothing more. Just the way they portrayed this North-American-Alliance and in the same way presented the EU as some kind of “devilish thing” makes my teeth grind.

“Think for yourself. Question authority. Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we’re going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities: the political, the religious, the educational authorities, who have attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations. Informing, forming in our minds their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness-- chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself. Think for yourself. Question authority.”

But do drugs really promote free thought, or do they numb the mind and sedate the masses? … I’m more inclined to believe the latter. Governments WANT you to inebriate yourselves so that:
A ) You no longer have the drive to do anything about the wrongs you see
B ) You will be viewed as incompetent because of your lifestyle choices, so noone will listen to you anyway
Food for thought, no? ;)

For those of you who were truly affected by Zeitgeist - The Movie, and decided to consider the truths it suggests as reasonable, I’d like to inform you that there is a novel that was published 50 years ago that will give you deepened perspectives on these issues: “Atlas Shrugged”, by novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982).

It’s a really cool book, read more about it here (with possible spoilers):

I have read ~4000 novels to this day, but no other book can actually measure up with Atlas Shrugged. It’s powerful stuff that I highly recommend any thinking person to read and reflect upon.

Just another thought that ties in with all this… When I was in my Accounting class, I learned that it was the church that invented the rules of Accounting that we still use to this day. The monks needed a way to keep track of their assets, so they came up with a dual entry system that would keep as much financial information on their assets and their organization as possible. Leave it to the church to organize greed, eh?

Wow, I had no idea about that. I am an accounting major and none of my professors have mentioned anything about that.

More about Zeitgeist though, I watched it yesterday and I thought it was a pretty good movie overall. I think if whomever made that movie changed a few parts (like the wordplay from verses in the bible and maybe providing a little more information about the people from the organization that is against the US income tax) it would make the movie’s arguments a little stronger or more credible.

interesting, thx for the link.

this will may be interessting to all who watched the movie ->

Food for thought?

It’s already happened and we Americans are too numb to:

A. Care.
B. Open up our our minds to other concepts.

But don’t think this is unique to just Americans. Remember the film states that power corrupts. No one is immunized to that. No one.

These bankers are so intelligent in the context that they know how to use our own weakness against us by playing the fear card. What they don’t account for however is the power of the heart which will always prevail because that is all that exists. They can’t account for this because they lack that connection. So at best they try to suppress it in others.

It shows you that intelligence is not the be all end all. Living your life with heart whether rich or poor is the real language behind the words here.

Some of the comments here really illustrate that numbing effect perfectly. Equating a profound and revealing message like this with some childish fantasy film proves the point to a tee.

Comments about drugs dig that hole even deeper. To have true awareness one MUST be alert with every cell of his or her body. Not altered. This is about liberation, not dependency.

Thank you BYTE for sharing this. You have done a wonderful service here even if some of us are aware of it right now or not. This is so much more than a popcorn film. This is an insight.

I have shared this link in several instances already.

Peace to all.

It is true that governments want you inebriate yourself, it is. I live in the U.S., and the only legal substance is ALCOHOL (this is important). This is the one substance that does NOTHING OTHER than numb you to your senses. All other effects are consequences of this. A government like that of the United States WANTS the people to be SELECTIVELY EDUCATED and NUMB to anything outside of immediate subjective experience. Our government works its way into our public school system, media, and every fiber of our society in order to control our thoughts and our actions.

however, to use the term DRUGS to cover the entire spectrum of consciousness altering substances, therefore placing all of these in the same category as alcohol, is a grave mistake.

A ) You only no longer have the drive when i) abusing a substance such as alcohol or marijuana (extensively)
B ) The United States status quo is a terrible thing and cannot be changed, it is determined by the mass media, therefore the images and lifestyle of the actualized are intentionally demonized.

People in the U.S. are put in a sticky situation, to choose between falling in line, or resisting a government trying to suppress ANY sort of resistance.
Substances such as psilocybin are amazing catalysts for a freedom of thought that is in every way NON-EXISTENT in the U.S. culture.

please, do not demonize a concept like “drugs”, instead demonize an institution that controls the population through the regulation of such compounds.

zeitgeist is an amazing film, thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing, I had myself very concentrated wathing this… .I will watch the rest of it later, maybe show it to some friends…

Really mind blowing stuff…

But it all makes sense.

Sadly… Cuz it’s a relly nice story, and living in a christian country, I of course was raised with the christian belief…

You could say that religion is good cuz it brings so much good to the world. But then again, hasn’t religion really brought more wars, terror and deaths than all the good could ever justify?

I honestly don’t see how drugs like hallucinogens enhance one’s view of the world. If anything, they distort it and make people question entirely the wrong things. I’ve seen way to many people waste their time in a philosophical mind loop because they’ve done too many hits of [insert hallucinogen here], and have short circuited something in their psyche that makes them think of nothing but nihilistic, existential thoughts of doom. They enter their own personal hell, and become consumed by it. Now, I know that you may say something to the effect of “But it’s important to hit ego death to open one’s mind” … I disagree entirely. This kind of traumatic experience does nothing but distract from what’s really going on. It makes the user question the reality of reality instead of questioning the actions of society. It makes people focus on the red herring inside their mind instead of focusing on the atrocity that’s happening right in front of them. And even if they do see what’s happening, they see it through rainbow colored glasses, with tracers to distract them, and a distorted image of reality, and a false sense of clarity, which misleads more than anything. In this way, it is very much a mind numbing agent, just like the demons of alcohol and marijuana of which you speak. Don’t go putting psychotropics on a pedestal just because they’re your distraction of choice. They hinder your experience of reality like any other drug, plain and simple.