Free Multisamples: Akai Professional Piano


I don’t know if this is well known on this forum, but While browsing today I found out that Akai offer a free download of a multisampled piano.

It appears that nearly all ‘white notes’ are available from D-0 through to C-7. Each note appears with three different dynamics (mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte and fortissimo). They are logically named wav files and loop points are already defined. I mapped them across three different instruments (for the three different dynamics) reasonably quickly.

It is called ‘Akai Professional Piano’ and is around a 100mb download.

It is linked from the ‘MPC5000’ page on Akais website here under ‘Docs & Downloads’.

Direct link to archive here. I don’t know the redistribution rights (undefined) so I have not uploaded any premade XRNI files.

It sounds pretty good for a free download :)

Thanks for the tip!

so you need to pitch up the whites to get sharps?

That is what I did.

For example, if there are samples at G3 and A3 I would map them to G-3 - G#3, A-3 - A#3 etc.