Free & Open VST: Surge XT - for Linux and Renoise, with FM and other great features

Perhaps it’s old news… yet I am totally happy about it - my dreams come true - and it works Linux. Low on resources.

And does FM, and custom tuning.


It also does Roland Alpha Juno style Sawtooth PWM for that classic hoover sound. It’s an amazing synth.

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Lots of community sourced presets too, if you look around for 'em. It even supports MPE, a feature I’d like to see in future versions of Renoise.


I use this synth in every song since a couple of years. Its creative potential and modulation capabilities are amazing and it’s one of the few ones which stay interesting and make you want to do sounddesign. If you get to know it, you stick with it. Many other synths are overrated compared to Surge. How many more of those does the world need anyways.

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It also can load samples - and has many OSC engines.

Plus it comes with a separate effects VST plugin, including a vocoder.

Very impressed I am.


Can make “feedback audio loop”

But listening this technique on a high frequency range can be nervously tiring