Free OpenSource VCV Rack Modular (WinMacLinux)

A new Free Modular Synth is in the Beta for all Systems (for Linux too <3 )
It is in the Beta and you can See the Code on github

wow, and it’s bsd licensed, there has been talking someone about in off topic already

// Param interpolation
const float lambda = 60.0; // decay rate is 1 graphics frame
value += delta * lambda / gSampleRate;

so… that’s…good? anyway it *is great

Hey this looks pretty good. I wish I could use an interface like this to configure my Jack Audio setup.

If you use this in a project, I would take OopsIFly’s advice and try to keep track of which version you were using.

Otherwise you might get into a frustrating situation.

Which is also why it’s always a good idea to make audio recordings :smiley:

Oh, this Thread exist already