Free presets for rapid :)


can you tell us something more about this Rapid plugin? Is it cross-platform compatibile?
what makes it so special?

i’m looking for a reason not to use bitwig’s internal stuff - that’s why i ask :stuck_out_tongue:
presets sound insane tho…

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bro i was using bitwig internal stuff for the most part of 2019 but i was getting a bit bored and uninspired so i started looking for a new synth
i was considering stuff from Uhe like Zebra Hive2 or diva
also phaseplant
the one that was on the top list was hive 2 cause it was very cpu optimized while sounding very powerful
but importing wavetables there is no fun and the featureset felt a bit limiting in the long run

so i started digging and found this one the UI is great fast workflow and the entire synth is a beast …very much in the likes of Omnisphere and Avenger … the sound is freaking huge i ve been using it to make all my sounds since i got it a few weeks ago

i don’t know much about the compatibility with other OS i use windows and i think its also supported on macOS X

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Wait when vital coming out soon😉
You will like it

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no doubt that Vital is going to be huge !!!

but Rapid is 8 layers of 3 wavetable oscillators + multisampler + resynthesizer + granular in the coming 1.8 version

both can coexist in your arsenal …

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To be honest, I don’t know anything about Rapid. I already have Hive2, Bazille, Repro, Ace, TAL-Mod and so much free stuff😀. I have now exchanged my Reason11 license for a Bitwig license. I will buy Redux soon and will experiment. Are you out of Reason11?

Sorry, translated with google🤪