Free-running LFO's for sample-based instruments

Hi all,

Thank you devs for the masterpiece that is Renoise. I started on FT2 and as years went on, hoped more and more for a modernized solutions and you guys made my dream come true.

So…I’d like to ask about modulating sample parameters using the built-LFO. From my beginner’s perspective, I do not see a way to have a free-running LFO attached to a sample’s modulation chain. In other words every LFO I attach to the chain only triggers when a note is sent to that instrument. I was wondering if, outside of using S&H oscillator, there is a way to have a free-running LFO to control the sample’s pitch, cutoff etc, independently of note triggers? My reason is to try and make some dynamic-sounding shaker instruments.

If my question is unclear please let me know and I’ll fix it. Thank you anybody who reads this!


there could be different scenarios possible to modulate a sound in a way that will make each hit sound different.

one option is use of the stepper device in sample modulation chains. it will require some dedication and clever chaining with the other modulation devices, but can make hits organically sound different from each other.

another option is to link parameters (pitch, cutoff, …) to a macro, and use a lfo on track level to modulate it. Track/DSP level LFOs will run free unless you sync them with a key/vel tracker manually. you can encapsulate this action into an instrument fx chain (and make it controllable via another macro) by putting an inst.macros device into a doofer and then copy/paste it into the instrument fx.

to make it repeatable to the same result, you could use the dsp lfo variant and sync the lfo in pattern data, use a linesynced formula device instead of the lfo device, or use automation to set a graph of variation that you then are even able to fine tune for every single postion in the song.

hope that helps!