Free Sample Sites

(nikki) #21

Excellent sample pack:-
DOA Old Samplepack

(Sanne) #22

I just found The University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples. There are several classical instrument samples in aiff format with several samples per instrument.

(Larvi) #23

I was exactly going to ask where to get some samples from
Thank you so much (:

(Twinbee) #24

Any chance of Wiki-izing that massive list to allow for updates?

That way, we can also add some categerization (pay/free, sound quality, instrument type, single/multi-sample, etc.).

Choosing instruments is a big part of creating any new music, and hence deserves lots of attention. :D

(JaJ6308) #25

For the best free VST’s, download and Steal them from Fruityloops.
Stylus is an amazing VST, it just needs to be transfered to Renoise.
Renoise rocks the fudging foundations.

(vV) #26

You can always try KVR-Audio, here plugs are neatly ordered into type of plugin, free/shareware/commercial etc.

(The Hooligan) #27

Excellent tip and excellent site. Thanks!

(trackernoob) #28

hi everyone i am starting my own sample site just because i need to organise my stuff and i though i would share it, do you think my method is to much? i wouldnt mind providing rars for renoisers but i dont want just anyone being able to batch download all my precious samples :)

anyway like i say im only just starting out making it at mike smith - free music samples i have about 50 drum samples on there so far if anyone is interested.

(meow) #29

That’s a big list, it’s gonna take a while going through. Some of them are dead links/parked links.

(Pod) #30
You can’t download them, but I imagine you guys know how to capture audio from your PC.

(marcusg) #31

Here’s a huge list of sites with free samples and vsts to browse through.
Iblit is a monophonic VST 2.3 compatible software synthesizer for PC.…ftware/Crystal#
Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis

(Djeroek) #32

145 drumkits:

(vV) #33

An old response i know…
Yet still…

Also tried a google wave topic, here you can edit all stuff on-the-fly…w%252BxPtnZE15A

(sauli) #34

Haven’t tried the other stuff, but the snare is amazing.
Seriously, really fucking amazing.

Several mic positions and velocity layers, different hit positions, round robin etc.

(tkc) #35

Here are a few links which I’ve managed to dig out:
Chiptune drums (150 kicks, 70 snares, 20 hats, 25 fx/perc) - reason fill packs as well as wav files
10GB of samples (Loops, Grooves, Licks, Stings, Hits, Pads, Melodic Motives/Themes/Phrases, Sound-Effects, City and Country Soundscapes, Motors, Machines, Toys, Guns, Explosions, Swords, Armor, Cars, Jets, Pot & Pans, Acoustic and Synthetic Noises, Acoustic and Electronic)

Kicks, snares, Hats, Percussion, Breaks and Loops

(Spike Jones) #36

i’m confused… i thought i had posted something here

well i have 2 links for 2 websites with a huge amount of samples and vst’s but can only give them by PM because… well you can imagine why

(taktik) #37

A maybe obvious tip. Crawl the web with Google for samples:

This will of course also find a lot of crap but as usual there are some gems hidden ;)

Also you have to digg deeper to find out if you are allowed to resuse such material.

Also try to be a bit more specific:

(kasmo) #38

if someone needs single cylce waves, and missed my “renoise synth experiment” topic, here are nearly 10k of them !



3 scroll down to the middle of the side.


(subset) #39

A little self promotion, if you’d allow. I am occasionally releasing some more-or-less experimental drum sample packs over here:

I suppose they can be of most use for those of you who are inclined to delve into more experimental and glitchy sonic territories. They are all free and under a CC Sampling+ licence so you can use them in commercial projects as well.

(Den) #40

A free drum set :