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Found these last night, still working…

(cruster crater) #42

would anyone know how id be able to track down some old school rave sounds? like the synth in that is so distinctive to early 90s rave, yet i can’t seem to work out the sound or where i could dig up some samples!

edit: never mind! found a pack of old stabs, let me know if you want the megaupload link!

(s-n-s) #43

heres some free analog waveforms(not done by me)

(subset) #44

As I’m fully aware everyone needs a drum kit created by exploiting an elevator in various normal and abnormal ways, I wanted to let you know that I went ahead and did just that for my latest Blips sample set. :)

Available on Blips

No elevators were hurt during the making of this kit.

(rhowaldt) #45

check out HISSANDAROAR, for each pack scroll to the bottom to the ‘Free Stuff’, enter email-address and get a download link. great quality, original packs.

(ungleichklang) #46

I wonder why nobody mentioned Cyberworm’s page.

A lot of good synth stuff here and free to use.

greetings, sascha

(mudpeople) #47

handmade audio recordings, sampled softsynths, and looped audio by myself, with free royalty free sample packs that Ive found useful, some licenses apply, see included documentation. All my work is copylefted public domain, but i guarantee nothing, some of the recordings are pretty lofi, but for what they are theyre prettty cool imo.

Also pdf documentation regarding electronic music production, engineering, music theory, whatever… (IDK if the library is free or waht, but there it is)


Anything at all will do!

Just if you do contribute, know that if you dont include info about licensing it will be considered public domain. Which all mine is, and ideally I would like to keep it as copylefted as possible, but free-royalty free is a must, any royaltied audio will be pruned.

Have fun, dont eat before swimming, and know there AINT NO LIFEGUARD AT THIS HERE POOL. That means i take no responsibility for poor audio. so there.

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Wow. Thank you so much!

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Could we get a quick clean up of these links? A lot of them are broken now.

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Feel free to go through them all and weed out the broken links, then reply with a list of the ones that still work :)

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Hey. I’m looking for folly samples. You know. Like sounds of car horns, bell towers, dogs barking and the like. Looking for water dropping at the moment. I have a little Yamaha feild recorder and tend to record a lot of stuff myself. But is the only one I know of so far. Anybody know of any gooder sites?

(The Witch Kings) #52

don’t know really, but the industry spelling is foley (some guy’s name, i think). maybe that will help you with your googling…

(Syflom) #53

Found this site this evening. You scroll through each page and it has a link at the bottom of the article.

(Cas) #54 's sampleradar has a lot of great quality packs.
apart from that… lot of samplepacks just aren’t free. i got a 6-dvd pack of foley(?) samples from BBC lying around somewhere but i hardly use it… is hard to find what you want, easy to get lost and end up with gigabytes of samples you’re never gonna use :D

(It-Alien) #55

on loopproject, I have uploaded a free multisample XRNI instrument of the popular brasilian friction drum percussion called Cuìca:


(kazakore) #56

Just a single pack (at the moment) but a mate of mine recently linked to this one on his facebook. I’ve not checked it yet mind…

(niNja_pWn3d) #57

Hot this off efnet’s #dubatep chan user Ghosthack… KILLER WORKS!!

And my fab. Label ever hosting my best childhood friend Chris Komus on it too Enigmatic!

Mad Love!

(ballacr75) #58

Also add:


this is my site; in Autocad/sample section there are some samples made with autocad, made with a lisp programmed by me.

I hope you will enjoy!


ballacr75 (Emanuele Ballasina,

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Did someone put on here yet? bye bye

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