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I just stumbled into this. It’s the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, a free orchestral sample library made by Mattias Westlund from samples freely available in the web, converted to Renoise’s instrument format:

The original is in sfz format. I had started to convert it, slowly (I made a script that handles that sort of thing), and today I found this.

(td6d) #62

That’s an insanely nice find />

Edit: If you’re planning on downloading them all, there’s a .zip in the parent dir. (it says ‘most’, but it’s all 55 of them)

(Tom de Rooy) #63

Indeed I downloaded these xrni’s a while ago. Good instruments.

(It-Alien) #64

DownThemAll is a Firefox extension which may be of use in such cases of directory downloads

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still a good resource for analogue synth sounds:



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And again some samplepacks via

(Uporo) #67

Is seems that Novastation is giving away 800mb+ sample pack.

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Jungle Jungle samples from vinyls by Blue Mar Ten

Novation sample collection

(mevla) #69

How do you use the Novation files in Renoise ?

(midi error) #70

How do you use the Novation files in Renoise ?

uh…I would recommend using a computer

(Bee Tracks) #71

MusicRadar does have free sample packs:

I see the post that said they weren’t is from 2012, perhaps they changed. These are free to use.

(escii) #72

uh…I would recommend using a computer

That stiil make my days…

(Ravetracer) #73

You should check out “99sound”, a very cool site with mass of free samples:

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(SynthisterNation) #75

NSA impulse responce? No way…

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It`s a must!

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(Xangis) #78


500 free sfx ( temporary):

(thanatos) #80

big pack of renoise instrument