Free Synth Suggestions?

anyone suggest any free synths they personally use for Win or Mac?

interested in more recent ones if possible


Pretty much anything by TAL

For more suggestions there’s a big freeware plugin thread here:

NI Reaktor 5 Player comes with a synth called Carbon 2, for me one of the best free synths available. :)

I am trying to get my head around Fuzzpilz Oatmeal as it seems it’s the most advanced free synth available.
Full of options, only a 5 mb folder I don’t have to install just drag & drop and its low on the cpu.
Also drawing your own waves is possible and it has the yet to beat random button when I look for inspiration.
My weapon of choice at the moment. What you might not like is that is already 5 years old.
From the more recent ones is Ts substance my choice. NIce GUI and clear sounds.
I use that one too sometimes.

automat is a great AudioUnit for OSX.

TAL makes the best sounding free synths IMO. And for free effects I’d use meldaproductions free bundle.