Free Synthesizer For Mac & Pc

Hi renoising community,

I’v just found a brand new VST/AU plugin from, a german music mag. It was released just before the “Musikmesse 2011”.
It’s called “Tyrell Nexus 6” and is completely free:

Ok, haven’t any more time, must check the new stuff ;-).

Insanely heavy on the CPU usage, but really nice sound :)

plugin grabber ftw :)

Plugin grabber is awesome, but I’m afraid it simply cannot even begin to replicate the dynamic nature of a plugin when you are modulating a lot of parameters and really tweaking it. So in those cases I usually capture entire phrases with render-to-sample instead, but even that bothers me a bit because I don’t like being locked into a particular recording of something. If I make a lot of edits and then suddenly want to change the sound, well then I have to re-render and re-edit the whole damn thing. ;)

Overall I like working in realtime whenever possible, but this synth really is a lot heavier than most plugins I use. Sometimes it’s using 60-70% of my CPU just to play one note, for example. Eeek! Still… really lovely sound :)

track-freeze needed :o

for me too, everything from 10% to up to 70%, but really great sound!

a minor thing i didn’t like: it seems to insist on the programs directory location for its GUI stuff etc. – or did i miss something (winXP)? nevertheless, it’s free and damn good.

brilliant synth.

It has potential, but the factory presets don’t really impress me that much so far.
I have the idea you can create kick-ass fat bass sounds with it and some bonecrushing leads.

On which presets you’ve got the high load?
I’ve tried some presets and the max was 31% until now. I’m on further testing…

BTW: I want to create some D’n’B tracks. Someone knows a good plugin, which makes some deep woofing basses? Is this one here a good choice?
Sorry for this questions in this thread. I’m new to making music on Mac but not making music at all ;)

“Various/LowSide” 48% with one keypress (it seems more doesn’t increase the load)
“TUC - Murky Memory” with 3 notes arpeggio 73%

Ok, it’s not the newest machine, I’m on an Athlon 64X2 Dual 3800+ (2.01GHz), 3GB RAM, WinXP SP3

Well, anyway, I don’t want to complain a lot about it, I’m just giving some numbers.

Thank you.
I’ve got 32% at “LowSide” and 34% at “Murky Memory” with a 5 key accord. I have a MacBook Pro Intel Core i7, 2,66 GHz, 8GB RAM.
But yes, the plugin seems to be heavy optimizable, if I compare it with more complex ones. But I like it ^^.

nice synth, probably really a bit CPU heavy but still very nice for being a freebe.
as i’m such a sucker for benchmarks, here come the numbers: :)
a keystroke with preset “LowSide” gives me a constant 16,6% and a 5 key chord with “Murky Memory” 16,4% load.
a held 3 note arp with “Murky Memory” is 25.9%

Great synth…up to 38% CPU for me on my work computer. Will try it out on the Mac when I get home

Great sounds (3ee_No Juice ftw! :yeah:) but there needs to be some optimisation done here but I will be using it in the future

Thanks for the heads up!