Free Tape Sound / Mastering Plugin - CHOW Tape Model

I’m not one to push audio plugins on my profiles often. Yesterday, I found one that really changed my final sound in such a nice way. It took the sharpness of my digital sound and added a very subtle depth (as I had set it to do just that). Sharp clicks and pops now have the added benefit of being rounded off - not clipped, but curved.


I love the sound of tape, especially the higher-quality sound of reel-to-reel. I found the CHOW Tape Model plugin on GitHub, and I feel it may become a permanent addition to any final mix of mine. For Windows/Mac


This plugin adds some nice character. Thanks for the link!

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i’ve just tried it quick and seems awesome, so much parameters to play with. flutter is very nice also!

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i can recommend airwindows tape, it has less control parameters and it just does sound awesome. It’s perfect for these types of approach, and there are plenty of other distortion/saturation plugins also which sound amazing

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Already have used the Airwindows plugin, it’s pretty good! There was a different sound I was going for, which is how I came to find the CHOW Tape plugin. Yes indeed, I am being super nit-picky :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah i love simplicity of rounding individual tracks/stuff with airwindows or renoise distortion plugin with shape mode, but for mastering/buss purposes this CHOW looks awesome, as for so many parameter control. :slight_smile:
Thanks once again for sharing this, it looks very interesting. Will try it tonight with my headset on :slight_smile: