Free Tc Reverb

Found a nice link in a swedish forum, thought I should share :)


according to a few folks on dupstepforum it has a tendency blast white noise (Only in special cases) so don’t go blasting it on headphones… hasn’t happened to me though…

so do you need to register it before the 3 days the offer stands,expires?

I downloaded it. It does have a rather nice and smooth sound, but nothing to write home about really.

It’s rather thin and transparent, which indeed may be a good thing for vocals (which is the main application they advertise for M30) but on the other hand it is somewhat soulless and lacks character.

However, if the only reverbs you depend on are the two native Renoise ones, then definitely go and get this one. It beats the natives for most applications.

i liked the recent audio damage eos plug…

+1 just bought it the other day. fantastic lush sound specially good for those who are into ambient and atmopsheric stuff.

yes, vst version have this annoying item. extremly loud noise bursts occur sometimes. with AU version its all fine.

Shit, thanks for the heads up. It just blasted noise so my meters went apeshit here… :panic:

Happened to me once as well, not great when using headphones.

Anyway, it was free so ;)

On my XP SP3 machine this plugin does not appear in any of my VST hosts after installation.
The DLL is located in the correct subfolder in my VST Directory tree, but it is not listed in any app.
Checked it with Renoise, Reaper and Cantabile.

When I try to manually load it with Cantabile, it gives an error:
(Translated from german):
VST Plugin - M30 Reverb - failed to load. Could not start because the application configuration is not correct. Please reinstall… (0x800736b1)

This is the only plugin that gives problems. All other 70 plugins in my vst-dir work fine.