Free VST-plugins for creating hardstyle / hardcore kicks?

The title covers it already :)

Does anyone have tips for free VST-plugins for creating hardstyle or hardcore kick?

I have seen someone working with Trash from iZotope, that’s a really nice, but also really expensive plugin if you have no money to spend :)

While I am at it: if there’s anyone in Holland using Renoise that’s willingly to teach me how to create really awesome kicks with Renoise with a good punch and whoom etc, I really would like to see if we can get to an agreement. Please PM me!

You can emulate IZ Trash with native Renoise fx. Just use Multiband Send with 3 send tracks on kick track ==> this divide kick in 3 frequency zones - Low, mid, high ==> add fx on each zone ( in Trash we have primitive EQ’s, distortion, Impulse Response, delay, compresion. Something like that we have in Renoise too.)==> experiment ==> results.

Try native Cabinet Simulator - work well on kicks.

KickLab XL ;)

Thanks for your reply. I looked at it, and checked all the presetted kicks, it seems very dated to me. Do you create the different parts of the kicks in different tracks and then combine them in Renoise? Perhaps you could post some of your creations in this topic? Thanks in advance!

That’ll be $10 :P

@ cas & pohnononono: thank you very much for your reply. I do really appriciate you guys willing to share stuff like this! I did look to both of your files.

The thing I do miss however is the creation of a seperate punch and whoom for the kick?

A year ago I made something with a sample of my two year old daughter. If you guys are Dutch you will understand why I used it haha.
The kick in it is made with a synth:

I did put a half hour or something into it, so it ain’t much.

The way I would like to be able to create a kick however, would be something like explained in this tutorial:

Didn’t found time to watch it entirely, but the first half hour was promising :)

So yeah from there on you know you’re gonna have to find out yourself, I’m definitely not gonna watch it then.
What’s a whoom and a punch??

This my shit ;) , try differents Cabinet Simulation algorithms etc.4300 HCbd.xrns

@Cas: why not watching the tutorial? The kick I put in my own thingy, isn’t the result of the tutorial. It wasn’t even made by then I think.

@Cas & pohnononono (whut?): yes, I would like to be able to create a kick with different layers. The punch is the start of the kick and the whoom is a reversed kick after the punch. This way an adjustment made in the EQ doens’t effect the entire kick, but just a certain part. I think this makes it easier to create hard kicks without pressing other sounds away.

Producers working with layered kicks are for instance:

  • Evil Activities
  • Endymion
  • Ran D (living for the moment)

@herodotas: tnx for your shit :wink: I will look into it!

@all: thanks for your help!

hello @hardpigeon

thanks for the video !
after the defqon.1 I want to produce some good mainstyle too