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I’m looking for good accoustic drums (no loops), could be a nice vsti or anything… Any good accoustic drums sound is welcome ! Thanks.


Thank you !


A soft"synth" I made years ago. You can’t really play with it,
but it can be used to make some wacky samples.
It’s based on additive synthesis, using 32 oscillators tuned to
the 32 first overtones of the selected note (“play” with the keyboard).
But that’s not it: each of the 32 oscillators has it’s own two LFO’s
for FM and AM. And additionally there is one AM LFO for the total sound.
In other words a total of 97 oscillators, with about 5 individually selectable waveforms. Try the “randomize all” function :)

Please note that this program has only been tested on my own and a few other computers, and you use it at your own risk. I take absolutely no responsibility if any damage occurs etc. insert standard disclaimer here. And I will NOT add features or fix bugs.

+/- changes octave
ASD… selects note (like Renoise virtual keyboard but one buttonrow below)

Use “Play continuously” to play with the sounds easier.

Mostly free samples at these sites:


Edit: removed dead link

You can find some free high end effects like signal modeling, analog-style saturaton, compressor, de-esser, expander / gate device etc. at:

Nice synth but when you change the presets Renoise doesnt save the changes…



I am looking for latin percussion sounds, and other latin sounds. Can anyone tell me where to find them.

Are ther also some vst’s that can reproduce them??/

Thanks in advance,


Its not dead… its here ( )

I think this works now



Easy interface. Great sound.

Thank you!

okay, time for a summary. In case of samples we got:

Sample Links -
Loops for Acid -…ault.asp?cid=-1
Anologue Samples -
Findsounds -
Synthzone -
Top Audio Sites -…s/topsites.html
Wavcentral -
Wavsamples -
Samples to download -
Analog Bank -
Analoguesamples -
Apocalypse Sound -
Audiowerkstatt -
Bass and Trouble -
Bass Culture -
Cybergroove - -
Deltaz Samplez -
Digital Improvization -
DJ Acid Underground -
Dogbeats -
Dooley Drums -
Looza -…oops/loops.html
Drum Loop Central -…m_loop_central/
Phat Drum Loops -
Echo Vibes -
E-Drummer -
E-Lab -
Electronisounds -
Factory 42 -
Findsounds -
Soundwaves -
Funk Station -
Future Wave Shaper -
Ground Loops -
Hello Synthesizers -
Ignite -
Kalava Drum Archive -
Loopasonic -
Mean Beat -
Moonman’s Synth Place -
Musical Drugstore -…store/menu.html
Music Machines at Hyperreal - -
Nexus -
Orchestra Samples -…eng/sampls.html
Pinknoise -
Raw 42 -
Rob Papen Sound Design -
SampleNet -
Dysmusax’ Samples -
Skevens Music -
Sound Central -
Soundsproz -
Speakerboy -
The Sample Shack -
Tribe -
US Raves - -
WaveSamples -
Wave World -
Joor - -
Bizarre Ambient FX -
Korg Wavestation Sounds -
Hakachukai’s Samples -
Innards -…es/samples.html
Jaspertronic Synthesizer Sounds -
Mellotron Samples -
Maldoror -
Oberheim Matrix-12 Samples -
Oneshot Samples - -
Samples4U -
Zoolab -
Xelenio - - Nice “real” soundeffects
Mr Nigel’s vocal samples:…l/download.html

so far right? Anbody wants to do this for the VSTi`s?

erm … wow. thank you :D

Here is one of the very few free parametric EQ’s on the net:

Paris EQ

It’s a pretty cool 4 Band parametric EQ, with emulated distortion. Each band can be High pass, high shelf, peaking, low shelf, or low pass.



FREE Plugins:

Drumatic drum synthsizer
Invader FX synthesizer
LOFI cool effect

Check it out

BBC Radio 1`s Sample page

Some free royalty free samples:

Ace music (Synth edit VSTs)

Don’t know if someone has already posted it

classic: compressor, master limiter, chorus, flanger, reverb
very, very nice effects :)

lots of different effects, the TubeLimit is good compressor

slim slow slider
japanese site, has a good multiband, quite high on cpu tho

magnus, smartelectronix
magnus from smart electronix has just released a multiband compressor, it is the most terrifying compressor i have ever heard!!