Free Vsti Worx Great With Renoise 7 Days Only 2dload

Sorry i have removed the link to the Synth, Fr33-Noise-Box, But i will be re-uploading it this coming weekend, Revamping it … lol … :yeah:


I’ll wait around here and see if this is not some fake spam attempt including virus file :)

Jonas Its not a fake & its certainly not a virus or spam…its 2 days of hard work , & its free I posted it Octo_Ed , :drummer: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Sorry Charly i have not got Mac implimentaion, as yet but iam working on it, i will drop you a line when i have sorted that side of my Synths out :wacko:

I played a bit with it. the presets didn’t convince me much.
too much use of the reverb module for my taste.
tomorrow I will try to make some custom sounds with it so I can give you more info about my thoughts about the lay-out and sound structure of the synth if you care.

Anyway,I like when people are active and creative for a nobel cause, so I encourage it anyway.

and Jonas: No virus found

Can’t wait!

And like dr Drips said:
I like when people are active and creative for a nobel cause, so I encourage it anyway.

Just my thoughts and tastes:

the UI:
The preset area is a bit weird.
maybe the preset name could be displayed between the selection arrows.
The colours of the font is not always easy on the eye (e.g. Red on grey)
overall the font is also a bit to small, and so are the selection boxes.

The sound:
4 osc’s with 2 on 2 stereo width setting makes for nice experimentations.
the rest of the synth is pretty basic, not a bad thing though.
I only miss a Filter asdr envelope and some overdrive.

Thanks for your comment Dr Drip… most welcome, & i will address some of the points you have pointed out such as the small font & the preset arrangement & the presets them selfs, i will work on that side of the synth, i think as it stands, in all honesty its a “one trick pony” at the moment, but i do hope to change that as i update the synth, very greatfull of your remarks tho it does help :) Oto_ed

synthedit or synthmaker ?

SynthMaker, :ph34r: