Free, Zero Config Vpn

Was chatting on #renoise about my recently successful netbios tunnelling escapades when someone brought up two pieces of software I think you guys might be interested in…

and an open source alternative with less platforms supported:

Anyway, I figured these might be useful for those who are into collabing alot and such. Have fun!

Hamachi is indeed, pretty sweet for gaming.

Nothing like a good old ftp for collabs though. :D

Thanks for sharing. :)

Here is a little tip for Hamachi, when you have problems with games not finding each other over the VPN. Go to your control panel, then network connections. Menu extended / advanced and there use the menu extended / advanced options. Move the Hamachi network adapter to the top there using the arrows next to the listbox.

Some pics:

I had the opposite problem, while trying to play a LAN game of Descent with my friend, we spent 20 minutes figuring out why the hell it wouldn’t connect. I disabled the Hamachi and then they found each other right away. :D

Control Panel → Network Connections (explore it!) → [Title menu]->Advanced → Advanced Settings
Now you get two panels, the upper with the list of network devices, the lower with the bindings.
Shove your Hamachi virtual network device to the lowest position in the list and raise your own UTP or wireless network card to position 1 and 2 and your problem is over as well without having to disable the device.