Freebies (Plugins, VSTs, Samples)

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@Midierror I was unable to post your soundcloud shares, can you repost them and I will add.

The cached version of the original thread can be found here:


Mode Audio 500MB of free sounds (this requires you to subscribe to their newsletter):

U-he Protoverb (free plug in - has also been posted in status updates and thread here: http://forum.renoise…n/?hl=protoverb):

Wire Grind Impulse Response Sample Library:


Orange free sounds funk guitar loops and riffs pack (free sample pack - website also contains more freebies):


Dotec Audio (Free plugins: DeePanpot and DeeGain):

Converse Rubber tracks sample library (Royalty free, free sample pack library - have to download files individually and requires you to sign up to the site):

Aestesis Eliktronika VJ (free VJ software, have not tried this yet though):…ual-performers/

Dubsounds vintage drum samples (various samples):

A sound Effect 500 sfx samples (must enter name and email to get download link):


Prime loops 500mb sample pack (Must create an account to get download link):


Legowelt sample kits:

ROLAND JV 2080: http://www.legowelt…

YAMAHA DX-FILES: http://www.pacificmi…

YAMAHA SY-35: http://www.pacificmi…

KORG ELECTRIBE ER-1: http://www.pacificmi…

YAMAHA DX200 FM SYNTHESIZER: http://www.pacificmi…

ROLAND JD 800: http://www.pacificmi…

KORG MONO/POLY: http://www.pacificmi…ONOPOLY

ROLAND JUNO 106: http://ww.pacificmic…Samples

CASIO MT70 drums:…

BOSS DR660 Drums:…

Ryotoms Free vst/au (full details: ):

Win 32 vst: http://www.vst4free…

Win 64 vst: http://www.vst4free…

Mac OSX Vst: http://www.vst4free…

Mac Au: http://www.vst4free…

Producers choice sample pack (must sign up for newsletter):


Resonance Sound Free Sample packs (1.49Gb Via their facebook page):


Waveshaper free drum sample packs (samples vary in quality, some mono and lower bit rate than full paid versions):

http://waveshaper.or…RAIN [Free].zip

http://waveshaper.or…OL01 [FREE].zip

http://waveshaper.or…01 Free

http://waveshaper.or…MkII [FREE].zip

http://waveshaper.or… [Free kit].zip

http://waveshaper.or…- Free


http://waveshaper.or… [Free Kit].zip

http://waveshaper.or…ix FREE


http://waveshaper.or… [Free Kit].zip

http://waveshaper.or…r [FM]

http://waveshaper.or… [Free Kit].zip

http://waveshaper.or…MS20 [free].zip

http://waveshaper.or…oKit [free].zip

http://waveshaper.or…ee Kit

http://waveshaper.or… [Free Kit].zip…[free pack].zip

http://waveshaper.or…[Free Pack].zip…zip?download=1

http://waveshaper.or… Kits

Visit Waveshaper for full versions or you wish to donate:

Dj Puzzle samples:













R-Loops Sample Packs:……………………………ches-[FREE].zip…………………………………

Various Free Fx (Care of PluginBoutique - Must sign up for an account first to download) :































Instruments: (Also Pluginboutique):










Studio Tools (PluginBoutique):








Sample Diggers sample packs (Must fill out form to download):


Wave Alchemy Drum Tools (175 Free Drum sounds - Click link that says “Download 175 FREE drum sounds taken directly from Drum Tools 02 here!” - Website contains more free samples, though you must sign up to download):

TBProAudio sTilt (Linear phase filter plugin for Win/Mac):


VST4Free SH-it Bass (sampled bass sound from the Roland SH-101 synthesizer. Plugin Win/Mac):


The Ensembletron String Synth (Freeware VSTi for Win - Site also contains more vst/vsti):


VSamp (Sample player for Mac now free):

Samplephonics handpicked freebie (Free sample pack - Site also contains more freebies - Must Sign up for account):


Mogo (WNP Sounds synth for Win - Must sign up for account - other freebies on also site):


Awesome Kicker (Free VSTi/AU Win/Mac - Website also contains other freebies):

SampleNinja’s Royalty Free Pack Volume 004 (Must sign up for account - Other free sample packs available):


Mildon Strummer 3.5 (Free Vst Instrument):

Vintage drum elements (virtual drum machine vst/au for win/mac):


Loopmasters Loops of Xmas Past (195MB 24bit 44khz sample pack give away. Password: LoopXmasPast):


Freeware for Producers: The Ultimate Collection (MusicTech review of various freeware containing links to download):


Carma Synth (Free 32bit Synth Vst for Windows - The “Downloads” link on their website also contains various vst/vsti and sample packs which may require you to register on their website):

HY Delay (free Delay Vst 32/64bit - website also includes various Max for live fx):


10 Vst Synthesizers (Best free synthesizers of 2015 by producer spot - contains reviews and links to download):


Squashit Multiband Distortion (free download with code provided on bpb website for Win & Mac - must fill in form with name & email address):


Thump 2 (free plug in - requires email subscription):…ware/thump.html

FuzzPlus3 (Free distortion plug in for Win/Osx by Audio Damage):


HY-Lofi (Distortion-bit quantizer + waveshaper + filter):


Krakli Stinger Synth (32-bit VSTi plugin for Windows):


Diamond Class sample pack (free 16bit 256MB pack from Rloops):…amond-class/806

Davi Santos Plugins (Free 32/64 bit plugins for Win/Mac - DvnSfxMaker, DvnKeyMaker, DvnBitCrusher):

GTG Synths (Various synth plug ins - Win only and possibly 32bit):

Free loops and sample packs by Producerspot (24bit Wav):


Orion Sound Module (Free rompler plugin for Win/Mac):


Sean Pandy Drums (VST/AU drum rompler plugin):


Gk Amplification (Gallien-Krueger amplifier and speaker emulator plugin for Win/Mac):


Exotic by JB & CPS (Synth - 32-bit VST only):


Izotope Vinyl (Win/Mac Must sign up for an account):


Qtractor (Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application for Linux):


HY-Filter (Win Vst):


Devil Bass Module 2.5 (Page also contains downloads for devil reverb & vocal reverb - Win):

NoizeDelay (32bit plugin for Win - must sign up for an account - site also contains other freebies):


Soundmorph samples (various sample packs - must add email address to mailing list for download):

Black Octopus Samples (Various free samplepacks and tasters - Must sign up to newsletter):


PTEq-X (Free Vintage tube eq for Win/Mac - Site also contains other free plugins):


99 Sounds Massamolla (Royalty free sample pack by Shmertz):

The control spot (Stereo speaker simulation 32 bit vst for Win - Site also contains other free downloads):


Bitsonic custom reverb (32 bit vst Win - Free version available):


HY-Phaser (Vst Win 32/64bit - Site also contains other freebies):


Vermona DRM (Drum kits and loops sample pack - WAV/REX):

TR 707 Samples (Aiff format - can choose to also download the Abelton Drum Rack):


Panipulator (plugin for Win 32/64bit and Mac (VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native) - Must sign up for account):


Speak and spell plug in (Vst plug in Win32/64bit):


F1 Filterbox (Win 32bit filter plugin):


Tritik Krush (Bit Crusher/Clipper/Multi-mode filter Win/Mac 32/64bit VST/AU):


Solcito Musica SuperTron - (Synth VSTi Win/32bit? page also contains other freeware synths & Fx):


Tal (Various synths & Fx ForWin/Mac various 32/64 bit - scroll down to “Free Products” heading for links):

Alpha Ray 4Free (Synth Win 32bit - Option to pay 5,95 € to Unlock extra Fx - Site also contains other freeware):


Arppe 2600va (ARP 2600 emulation 32 bit Win VSTi):

Wollo Drone (32bit Win VSTi Synth - page also contains other downloads):

IVGI (saturation/distortion plugin Win/Mac 32/64bit - site also contains other freeware fx):

Variety of sound (Various Plugins Win 32bit?):


VladG (Various plugins Win/MAc 32/64bit):


A1 Audio (A1 TriggerGate & A1 StereoTool plugins. Win/mac 32/64bit):


Acon Digital Multiply (Chorus plugin Win/Mac 32/64bit):


Voxengo Free Vst (Various free plugins Win/Mac 32/64bit):


Bluecat Audio (Various freeware plugins Win/Mac 32/64bit - page also contains demos):


Audio Assault (Various plugins Win/Mac 32/64bit):…/downloads.html

Ohm Force Frohmage (Filter plugin Win/Mac 32/64bit - Must create an account):


Melda (various plugins - Must download bundle installer - 130mb - Can choose what to install Win/Mac 32/64bit):


De La Manch intruments (Win 32 bit plug ins - site also contains free fx plugins):


16Gb Sound Fx Sample pack from Sonniss (Available as direct download or torrent):


HY -MBDrive (Multiband Distortion VST 32/64bit Win):


Synister (Win 32/64bit Synth):

Inear Display (Various plugins, 32/64bit Win/Mac and some for Linux):


Sinnah (Synth plugin Mac/Win 32/64 bit):


BHK Sample pack (Must subscribe via email to newsletter):

Bob Perry gate (Gate plugin Win/Mac 32/64 bit - Must sign up for account to download):


Synthetik (Synth plugin Win/Mac 516MB - Must sign up for account to receive download link):

Winkl (Distortion plugin Win/Mac - Site also contains other free plugins):


Background Noise (Sample pack - 185.94 MB 41,000 HZ 16bit Wav - They ask for a link back if used):


Transport (Provides info on measure, time, sample count etc Win/Mac 32/64 bit - Also contains other free plugins):

Zampler Rx Sample pack (1.7 GB contains 112 SFZ patches, 16 RX2 patches, 1,456 audio samples in WAV):


HY-ChoFla (Chorus/Flanger plugin - Win 32/64bit):


Found Percussion (Sample pack - 46.7 Mb - Asks for credit if used commercially):


Minimal Chords (Sample pack - 68 x 24bit Wav loops - 6 Midi Chords-Melodies. 162Mb or 248Mb unrared):


Vintage Drum Elements (Virtual drum machine plugin Mac/Win 32/64 bit - Must supply email address for download):


Kick Drum ( Samples from 99 Sounds - 120 Kick drum in Wav/Sfz/Nki):

Ample P Bass Lite 2 (Win/Mac VST/AU/RTAS/AAX/Standalone - 204MB-Installer):

Twin Reeler (Vibrato plugin VST2/3 Win 32/64bit):

inTone 2 Solo (Live Fx processor and virtual instrument host - free version of intone 2 - Must sign up for account to download - Win/Mac):


Giada (Open source Loop/Drum Machine - Win/Mac/Linux):

Delta Modulator (Bitcrusher plugin Win/Mac 32/64bit - Page also contains other freeware from Xfer):

Levelator (Loudness/Normalization batch processor - Win/Mac - Must sign up for account):

Kick Drum (120 Wav/Nki/Sfz samples from 99 Sounds):

Ample Bass P Lite (Bass instrument plug in - requires setting up an account to download - Win/Mac):


PG8X V 2.0 (Roland JX-8P emulation instrument Win/Mac 32/64bit):

Sweetcase Vintage electric piano (Win/Mac 32/64bit - Must Like/Follow Noiseash on Facbook/Twitter/Youtube):

Harmonics (Kontact library requires full version not player The samples are free -323MB wav @48kHz/24bit - enter an email address for download link):

Acid Synth (Kontact library (requires full version and not free player) and Sample pack- loops and one shot wavs @ 24bit/44.1kHz–36.8MB dload/66 MB uncompressed - must register account):

Tubes Creamer 808 Core (available june 12 Win/Mac - modelled after Ibanez tube screamer guitar pedal - currently available are various free pre-amp and cabinet modelling - Win/Mac 32/64bit):

Trilobite free 1.3 (Free 32 bit Win/Mac version of modular synth):

N0t0miz0r v1.1 (Midi fx/utility - Win 32/64bit):

Gigaverb (Reverb Win 32/64bit):

Unfiltered Audio Indent (low-pass filter and multi-mode distortion - free until August 15th - 14.8 MB 32/64bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX Win/Mac - must create account for download, use details when activating in Daw):

Width knob (Stereo Width plugin 2.47MB EXE installer, 32/64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX/RTAS Win/Mac - Must sign up for an account to download):

STA Delay (Summing tube processing Delay plugin - 33.2 MB EXE installer, 32/64-bit VST/AU/AAX Win/Mac- Must sign up for account and use voucher code for free download):

OverToner V2/DoubleToner (Distortion/Multiband Distortion plugin - 316/788 KB download size, ZIP archive, 32/64-bit VST Win):

Tan free (Compressor plugin - 43.6 MB ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32/64-bit VST/AU/AAX Win/Mac - Must sign up for an account to download):

Dx from mars (Sample pack free through August - 800x24bit wav - Kontact/Abelton/Logic/Maschine - Add name and email for download):

C64 Drums/Sfx (3gb wav 16 bit 44.1 kHz with both stereo and mono versions samplepack - total of 23132 unique samples - Page also contains other downloads):

Samples-July round up (Bedroom producers blog Free Samples & Loops Round-Up July 2016 - Various links):

200 Finger snaps (Finger snap sample pack - 27.8 MB ZIP archive, 24-bit WAV format also with Abelton drum rack - Site also contains other downloads):

Ice9 (Automute plugin designed to protect speakers from clipping/loudness etc - 32/64bit Win/Mac):

HY-Mono (Hy filters Monosynth instrument - “I mainly referred to structure of Oberheim SEM” Win 32/64bit Site also contains other downloads):

Synth Magic (Various downloads mainly for Kontact, though many contain wav samples):

Reverb Solo (Acon digital free reverb plugin 5.20 MB ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32/64-bit VST/AU/AAX Win/Mac - Must sign up fro account to download):

Divisor/MDLX (noise machine/modulated delay effect plugins 32bit Win):

VSCO 2 Community Edition (Orchestral sample library 1,952 samples 24bit WAV - 1.9 GB download - links to sfz files too):

PG-8X (Roland Jx-8P emulation 32/64bit Win/Mac):

DX reverb light 3 (Anwida Soft reverb 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/SAWStudio):

Splash (Synth Win 32 bit):

OverDubber 2 (Delay 32 bit Win):

HY-Delay 2 (Free version available in download links - 32/64 bit Win/Mac):

Graillon Free Octaver (Feature limited version voice ocatver plugin - 32/64 bit Win/Mac):

Vinyl Fills Vol 2 (30 Drum fill samples 16 bit Wav):

Wonky Tape Atari (Sound fx and instruments sampled from Atari 2600 - instrument patch for Kontact and 78 16bit Wav samples):

IZotope Neutrino (Spectral shaping plugin - 32/64 bit VST2/3,32/64 bit AU,32 bit RTAS,64 bit AAX,Audiosuite DPM and AAX - Must register for account):

Ivory Wind (Tenor recorder sample library for Kontact - Also contains 63 24-bit Wav - Must fill out form for download):

Other User contributions:

TechnoGremlin over on the Reaper forums also collected recommendations for pretty good freeware stuff, mostly VSTs: link to thread.

MFreeEffectsBundle from Meldaproduction available at https://www.meldapro…eeEffectsBundle

Really high quality stuff imo.

DontCrack and Bernie have taken the decision to offer Bus Driver free for a limited time. It was his way of expressing his gratitude to the audio community for the help he received.

Hopefully you will be using every day and that it will accomplish the goal of saying ‘Thank You’ for the heart-warming support you showed for Bernie during the time when he really needed it.

Please use the following voucher to get your FREE Bus Driver…
VOUCHER CODE : freebusdriver


Get DDLY Dynamic Delay from February 9, 2016 through March 10, 2016 and you will receive a full license of DDLY Dynamic Delay for free. After March 10, 2016, DDLY Dynamic Delay will be available at the regular price of $49 USD.Limit one per customer. Not transferrable.


Heard some great samples from these guys recently - heres 1.8 Gb for free



Beatport, the global pulse of electronic music, presents this free Production Starter Kit, created to get beginner producers started making music. With more than 1GB of sounds, samples, and effects from exclusive Beatport Sounds labels, video tutorials courtesy of FaderPro, written tutorials from leading producers in the industry, and a 30% off coupon towards first-time purchases on Beatport Sounds, Beatport’s Production Starter Kit has everything aspiring music creators need to stop just listening, and start creating.

178: BatteryPowered Samples…

The little-scale libraries have been useful to me lately, he has various content but the best are the samples of old sound and speech synthesizer chips: http://little-scale…bel/sample sets


1st year free pack content (about 300Mb in size):

-Ambient Guitar S.N. Lite (multisampled instrument for Kontakt and sfz, uses wav samples (24bit 44,1Khz), 1 instrument with 4 different settings)

-Atmos - Drones Instruments (9 instruments for Kontakt and sfz, uses wav samples (24bit 44,1Khz))

-Atmos - Drones wav Loops (20, wav 24bit 44,1Khz)…ck#.VvJme3pmq90

vinyl drum sounds

these are also fantastic free kontakt instruments http://www.hollowsun…packs/index.htm

U-he has another research-ware (that’s what they call it) available for free:…alpha-available

Great site here if you’re looking for Pianos or other acoustic instruments. Often offered as either Kontakt sets or wrapped as VSTi.

Another good freebie site here. Check the free stuff menu at the top for more categories. What i like about this site, it appears to be hand curated quality over quantity.


Free pack form a new label IFIM

Other threads containing free stuff :

Free VST/VSTI sites (Started by Cquencer. From 2003-2008 so may be outdated):


Royalty free sample packs (Started by Mxb - links to over 160 free Music Radar sample packs):


Free sample sites (Started by Escii):


Recommended freeware Vst-Plugins (Started by teknocide):


Free samples, old school vinyl (Started by Yourlocalloser):


Free Plug in Websites:

Vst Planet:

Vst 4 free:

Vst Warehouse:

Vst 4 you:

Free plugins on Bedroom Producers Blog: http://bedroomproduc…ee-vst-plugins/

Free Plugins on KVR: http://www.kvraudio…ins/free/newest

Free Vst’s:

Best Free Vst:

Mega Vst:

My Vst:

Free Vst:

Free Audio Samples:

These should all be royalty free, where applicable. However, please be sure to check licensing for yourself.

This list is also not exhaustive, as I am adding as much as I observe in my web travels.

Message me if you are on this list and do not want to be, I am happy to remove the link).

Let me know if there are any dead links too and I will update as often as possible.

(Check edit date bottom of this post for latest update to list).

^^6 added.

Been a while since last update. Added 10+ links (starting with “Unfiltered Audio Indent”).

You can get the 2016 Stereo Room Reverb from Eventide free through september. Register here at Focusrite, after the login you will see 2 codes, register now here at the Eventide website and login, in your account settings register a new product and pick the reverb, then add the 2 codes you got from Focusrite. Worth mentioning, that this plugin is ILOK protected, but you don’t need an actual USB key for it, it works with just an account too. Also not sure if it is supposed to work by simply creating a new account, but it did for me. All their promo ads make it sound, like it’s only intended for people actually owning something from Focusrite.

Thanks Beatslaughter. Will check it out. Will update list when possible and amend any new finds.

New freebie from Izotope, haven’t played around with it yet.

Blurp: Add that final polish to your mix with Neutrino, a free spectral shaping plug-in that offers a glimpse into iZotope’s newest mixing technology. Insert Neutrino on multiple tracks across your session to reveal a subtle amount of detail that can help elevate great mixes to a new level of refinement.

Thanks Beatslaughter. Added. Also updated with a few more links.

All GVST stuff now(?) seems to be available for Mac OSX, too!

Still beta though, but nice to have!

EDIT: Hm, doesn’t seem to work at all with Renoise plugin scanner currently. Hopefully there will be a fix soon!

Another freebie, this time from Soundtoys. You can get the Sie-Q plugin free till 13th October, requires an ILOk account. The site is being hammered right now, so you may have to try it at a later time.

Blurb: Get great low-end and smooth, silky highs from our first-ever equalizer. The new Soundtoys Sie-Q is inspired by and meticulously modeled from the 60s German classic Siemens W295b*, along with our own distinctive twist on the original for added utility and creative power. Sie-Q creates unique, yet highly-usable color and tone ideal for full and sub mixes, vocals, drums, guitars and more.

Thanks. Just tried it out. good stuff.

I just found these great AVL Drumkits – acoustic sets in SFZ format with a CC license, very live sounding!

Is a free sampler vst based on Dune 1 synth. It uses SFZ formats. There also are a bunch of free libraries on that page. I also wonder, if those libraries could be even used directly in Renoise, since SFZ format?

Haven’t been back here for a while and so neglected this list. Get back to it and update asap :wink:

Here is a link to VST4Free that give you a quicker access to all 507 * 5 = 2535 free VST/VSTi.

Just go down on the page given by the URL below and have fun with the 507 pages.

I’ll ad my list!

VST effects

Probably the best VST effect there is out there.

Get all on this, you can never have too many saturators. Some are included in link above.



Good for panning stuff, but your DAW can probably do it so this VST might be unnecessary

Filters one is craate when you wanna use cutoff with automation A simple LP/HP filter Really cool and unique filter/saturator Bass booster that tiees to boost bass without distort it.

EQ’t tried it myself but it’s recommended very often. just as super simple EQ. This one is AMAZING and I use it on almost every track. Very highly rated-

Distortion distortion with it’s own kind of sound/fuzz

Chorus use cshorues that veyr good at bringing out harmonci all porpuse chorus Chorus with some special features, good for sound design

Limiers Simple.

Stereo expander but at the same time advances, got some nifty panning fatures.

Delay delay that tries new ways to make it sound modern. advanced but sounds awesome too.

Gate sipmle gate effect- gate, but is included in top link.

Compressors oriented compresssor mix of compressor and saturator, can be used in very different ways from MeldaProduction is AAA must, but is included in link at top!

Phaser phaser that does the job good.

Saturator Get all of these.



Nice work @dirtnoise. I use plugin boutique too. Has meant I was able to afford somethings I may not have, their rewards thing has also reduced prices on many things for me.

Also big fan of glitch machines, I have a few of their plugins which I find great for sound design. As far as I can remember, a few sample packs and two? of their plugins are freebies.

I loveplugin boutique. Some deals are amazing and I managed to snag Izotope Neotron Elements and Ozotope 7 Elements for 44€ using a 78% coupon I got from their rewards program. If something is expensive, I’ll mail the devs usally. CableGuys once gave me a 50% coupon on their whole series.

Not only 2, Glitch Machine have 8 free effects if I understand the site correctly. I haven’t used them to much yet, tried using them for glitching some neurobasses this morning, so I I mainly use Stutter Edit for glitching, I actually got a extra key for Stutter Edit that I want to sell for something like 60~, it’s listed at 220~ I think.

I’m gonna fill up this thread when I find good stuff!

Free till end of october, ILOK protection.

Free till end of october, ILOK protection.

man really nice vst thank you very much :slight_smile:

im running it …right now…and it really its a thing…specially for eqing metal tones for my guitar… i like the sound… and its also a very unconvetional tool…really fun to tweak…and experiment…

Fullbucket is lately porting all his free plugin synths to macOS:

Musicunfolding also made all their plugins free for macOS: