Freedom For Send!!!!!


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i want

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plz makit possible to drag send track to the left side (to the left of master track)

There are a plethora of discussions bout this request. If it will ever happen, it won’t be in 2.8 But i can understand why you need this specifically with track groups.
I would like to make a counter-suggestion by showing all corresponding sends linked to the current selected track when using Single Track view mode. I think sounds more plausible for 2.8. Though i don’t know how easy that is to add.

i used 2 chanel

1st original sound

2nd hard comressor and eq

after manipulation i mixing this results.

i thik this restriction strange. i very often encounter this minutiae.

Yeah, but this has to do with the processing order of tracks like Technic mentions.
All tracks are processed from left to right. If a send-track appears before the actual track that is sending it contents to the send-track, strange things to your audio feed might happen (or effects might not happen at all)

I like this idea.

it’s just a wish. you say this s imposibble, so I will wait.

THNX for Your work.

Just out of curiousity, why couldn’t it be handled on a purely graphical level? Like the original send was invisible or had a “display_after_track” property. I guess the GUI code is highly consistent and integrated with the replayer routine?

But as long as that processing order stays intact, why not?

What is so special about send tracks, anyway? I mean, why can not any track accept being sent audio input? Or in other words, why not allow playing instruments on send tracks? I know this is hardly a feasible suggestions for the 2.8 beta, but I’m kinda curious if there ultimately needs to be that distinction.