Freedows.. Free Windows For Everyone?

Some Brazilian company has come up with a distribution which looks exactly the same as windows xp and they claim it runs all windows apps as well. And the lite version is free. You can try to download the lite version but the site is very busy at the moment so I couldn’t try it. If it runs Renoise with all the VST’s I have … I’ll faint…

It’s based on linux so i guess windows compability simply comes from the wine emulator?

and how long will it take until they get sued into stoneage? exactly the same look, same icons, similar name…
and besides, windows isn’t such a beauty anyway, if i were to use a different OS i didn’t want it to look like windows for sure.

Their English is however not really good…
It’s Brazillian English :P

No, but what if you don’t want a mickeysoft OS but need it because your application doesn’t run in any other os?

yes that is why most - including me - use windows.
but when i should go linux some day and use an emulator to use windows apps, i don’t want a windows look.
an emulator to run windows apps on linux can be used with every linux distro… to me it seems the only special thing about this Freedows is that it mimics windows look and feel.

just something i found on distrowatch

“Freedows is a Brazilian commercial distribution based on Fedora Core. Several editions are available, including Lite, Standard, Thin Client, Professional, and SMB. Among them only the Lite edition is available for free download via BitTorrent.”

it seems to me that this is only in the brazilian language whatever that might be

so anyway from what i have heard fedora runs wine very well,
i have never used it tho, mainly because redhat is appaulling to me.
but i may have to repartition my drives soon, so i might try installing fedora and see how if i can get renoise to work well w/sound on it.

i can’t stand fedora core. of course i’m basing my opinion on redhay but they’re the same thing. in my opinion there’s more to linux than just the bloody kernel. the way that debian, suse and slackware are organized (ie: the location of configuration files and startup scripts and /proc directories) makes a whole lot more sense to me. and i think debian is the only ditro that’s got a good approach to package management.

Gentoo all the way!

One thing is for sure. Currently it’s impossible to make Linux run Renoise in a decent way through WINE. It can’t be done. And the only decent project of a Windows immitation I can see at the moment is ReactOS. Other things like the thingy posted here, or Linspire (former Lindows. Guess who made them change the name…) are just distros with WINE and a proper skin put on the desktop environment…

well it turns out i was able to fix my partitioning problem, so i wont be trying fedora anytime soon.