Freely Movable Send Tracks?

'sup crew!

Would it be possible to get freely movable send tracks?

I often have synths and stuff going into send tracks, sometimes 3 without muting the source but I’d like to ‘group’ them together, it’s a bit frustrating when you have 30+ tracks and the send tracks are not next to the sources.

Would others find this useful?

No, but grouping tracks that share the same send-track in one single collapsed (thus expandable) track could help organise tracks overview.
Currently, i now refer to the pattern matrix and share the same colours for tracks that belong together if i desire a total overview

ha! i never thought of doing that, good alternative, will incorporate that into my workflow.

Could you take a screenshot of your layout? I don’t quite follow what you mean about collapsable?

I’d still personally rather have the ability to move send tracks to any position.

I still think allowing users to place them any where they want is a better option.

I would have to make a mockup with that, because that doesn’t exist either.
But the reference to grouping tracks by colour using the pattern matrix i simply mean this:

i think studio one pro does this good,you select the tracks you want grouped,rightclick-group selected,and they act sort of like 1 track(when you solo or mute all the grouped tracks gets soloed/muted etc)then you can send the tracks to a buss,right click the buss and choose hide sources

that helps getting a better overview and "clean"up your mixer view

maybe renoise could do something like that?

If you solo the specific send-track that these tracks are bound to, all tracks should also be solo’d now in Renoise 2.7.
But i guess if you solo one track inside that group only that track and the send-channel are solo’d.

I notice when you unsolo the send-track, the other tracks are not unsolo’d, that is a bit ackward and possibly a bug.

I would find it useful. however, there are two useful shortcuts you can use: “jump to first track” and “jump to master track.” I have them assigned to LCTRL+Q and LCTRL+W respectively