Freeware Midi Sequencer

does anyone know of a decent freeware midi-sequencer ? because I am currently trying to convert some existing midis to ringtones for my handy and I would like to do some myself … but I havent found any good editor yet. jazz++ does crash on startup and some other one which name I just forgot had a really terrible gui. I did also try the cubase 3.7 which came with my soundcard, but it manages to f**k up any midifile which is loaded and if you do one yourself the exported midi-file is not right either (tempo wrong and such) … so, any suggestions ?

I dunno which one you mean by the horrible GUI, but I have a feeling it might be this one, Music Studio Independance:

I admit, it looks like a Windows 3.1 program. :D But for something that’s absolutely free, it works quite nicely.

no, I found it meanwhile, its called “anvil studio”. but thanx for the tip, I will give your one a try :)

this one looks very good, thanx again ceenda.

No problem. :) It can also handle VSTi’s, but not particularly well. I think you have to load them into the effect channel of the current track. But I tend to use it for the Score editor which I sometimes convert to Midi sections which I then import into other apps.

not sure if it will export regular midifiles, but


has an IT-style interface and has worked well for me in the past in conjunction with a loopback device.


That it is absolutely free is a qualified truth. Free to use, but not free to improve or change ;) Personaly I only see software that is free to use “in all the ways that are socially useful” as absolutely free. ;)
Some people have other opinions about this but this is my opinion and as you probably already understand I’m a very big fan of the GNU philosophy :)

Read more about free software here ;)

twilek: I think I got carried away a bit when I said it was free. :D I used to write 3D landscape engines for Linux and Windows and release the source code freely under the GPL, so I understand what you mean.

that ztrack seems to be nice, but I never used IT and dont feel like learning it now … :rolleyes: but thanx for the tip.