Freezedream - Linker

Hey everyone! I’ve finally finished and just released my new album ‘Linker’ which was mainly created using Renoise. It’s melodic/IDM/mellow/ambient kind of music.

Check it out on Bandcamp and let me know what you think. ^_^

PS: It wasn’t mastered so may not be up to scratch but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

No one has any feedback / constructive criticism?

just listen to thefirst track “trine”.
reminds me of the mood i had when trying the game.
i will def. listen to the whole album and give some feeback when im back from work.

i gave it a quick listen and it’s enjoyable and interesting to listen to even tho i’m not the person to get too excited about IDM like this. some songs have a nice soundtrack kind of quality to them which i always like.

the mixing could be a little more vibrant i.e. Saccades. i couldn’t make out the elements in the background and starting with 1:00 and at around 1:40 the sound became very thin and difficult to listen to which is sad because i like the song. the percussions of The Day the Sky Took You Away could be a little more dominant and crisp, not too much but just enough to poke through the pads and synths. Loft feels a little strange too, the punchy snare at around 2:08 threw me off. i didn’t expect that at all. some of the other songs suffer from similar illnesses, but it’s not really a deal breaker for me. you still manage to convey your ideas very well.
i’m only mentioning it because IDM for me, especially when mixed with ambient sounds, has to have a specific, very clean, to the point mixing unlike some other genres.

for me the most outstanding songs with good mixing were Glia, very beautiful!
Both Volans parts. you tell a very captivating story in 3 parts. the first takes you traveling fast over a vast colorful field of flowers, the next one takes you up to the sky, over the mountains and Through the Clouds, and In Dreams is like traveling over the clouds towards the sunset, our hero is slowly dozing off after a long adventure. i’m just very impressed with these two songs and the way you built them up. each part has a distinct tempo and setting, you get this type of layering that represents different elements in the picture while you keep a nice continuety between the parts … enough with the praising for this song! :P
last but not least, Aurelia. i don’t know how you did it but it works perfectly. the strings in this one don’t feel cheesy at all, they flow right along with all the synths in the background and the whole atmosphere of the song. then the piano takes over the lead at 2:00 and passes it over to the synth at 2:22. i don’t completely agree with the second part of the song, the abrupt change at 2:50 and the low string picks starting at 3:00 but you know what, i’m willing to overlook them. :D

so yeah, except for a few songs that could be considered average IDM songs with a little bit of mixing problems, you had some nice ideas and at least four great songs in this album. good job! :walkman:

Great timing! I’m playing your album on a sunny Sunday afternoon, while eating lunch. Melodic, chill, yet lively. I’m not going to analyze the technical aspects of the album. I’m just going to enjoy the album as a listener. :]

@engine: Oh, I didn’t know there was a game called ‘Trine’. Well there you go. Thanks for listening!

@kchow6575: Great to hear my music complimented your day! Thanks for listening.

@Mandulin: Thanks for your kind words and criticism. :)

Well, ‘Saccades’ was not made in Renoise but is actually chipmusic. It was written for and recorded from a Sega Megadrive video game console (6 channels of FM synthesis) and so there’s not much I can do about the mix. It would be kind of nice to have a clearer sound but I think the noise and artifacts add some nice digital character. Maybe I’ll do a remake of it in Renoise some day.

Once again, ‘The Day the Sky Took You Away’ was not created in Renoise but instead in the DOS tracker Adlib Tracker II, which is also FM synthesis and doesn’t allow much in the way of mixing capabilities.

I guess it’s just personal taste about the snare in ‘Loft’. I wanted to go for an 80s-esque sound in that part of the track.

I’m glad you liked ‘Glia’. That track was a 16kb Renoise file for the 16kb challenge, with no use of VST. :D

I’m especially happy that you appreciated the journey through ‘Volans’. This is really what I intended with that track. It took a bit of work in mixing and fitting it together but it did work pretty well in the end.

‘Aurelia’ was a lot of fun to make, too. The second part is like an underwater waltz. :)