Frequency And "Q" Automation For The Internal Eq 5 / Eq 10

For now, only the gain (db) of each slider is automatable… frequency (hz) and quality (Q) are still not automatable…(or did i miss something?)
Seem these eqs are acting as “default” settings with only the gain able to “move”, “interact” with the song.
This option could do special effect filters like some hardware synths/samplers (zplane from emu etc.) morphing notches, multi-bells, etc. , if joined by an hydra device and moved in frequencies/quality (automation, signal follower, lfo, etc)
or just moved separately… but definitively unfixed!

Has been suggested before…
But I agree nonetheless.
+1 ^_^


Ah we’re doing the +1’s again :D

thought there would be more interrest here :(
i mean, allready possible in few free vst’s but here, for those who love to stay “native”

so? abolish the limit on the number of pattern effects then. it’s still a valid suggestion I for one fantasize about a lot.

yeah, but that’s kinda shitty compared to doing 5 or 10 of that with one device. or with just doing a “normal eq” and fiddling around with it for a break or outro just to see what happens. hence the “suggestion”, posted in the appropriate forum. you’re welcome.

nobody is under that obligation. you’re welcome.

so gimme an issue to smoothly move a “bell” point fixed at + 15 db with a 1.00Q from 50hz to 17000hz with an automation or lfo’s etc with these native eq’s and i’ll thank you my dear :)

ps: the mid range of the mixer eq is from 400hz to 3400hz…


DAW user problem… yeah for sure :blink:

I think the suggestion forum can do fine without such “explanations”? your explanation is a workaround to shoot down a suggestion, delivered in condescending and patronizing style. now you follow up with idle threats. well I’m fine with and used to being used as a scapegoat for pouting little bitches, so be my guest.

whatever. I still replied to your original post and you leave it unaddressed. so yeah, all that posturing is worth zero and frankly nothing new.

would be nice +1

yep!! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :walkman: :w00t: