Frequency Shifter Is Really Needed

(sauli) #21

Oh, you were really talking about frequency and not pitch shifters.

In that case I’ll point you people to a little gem called valhallafreqecho.

Delay-frequency shifter -multieffect.

(gentleclockdivider) #22

Yep , downloaded the free bundle , amazing stuff

(Tarek-FM) #23

@Vincentvc and Gentleclockdivider, glad you find it/them useful!! A really useful collection of plug ins… I don’t use them at the moment as there are so many good plug ins I need to restrict myself!! :rolleyes:

I do, however, have them on stand-by should they become irresistable :lol:

(noisemaker) #24


don’t know if i’m totally wrong but in the Instrument-Settings you can set a Envelop for the Pitch of an Intrument.
By this you can change the hole pitch or a pitch-change over time.
Maybe that will help for the beginning?


(Tarek-FM) #25

Noisemaker, not mad…all love here.

However, read thru a thread before posting!! :rolleyes:

You would then see that it was established that he wants exactly what he asked for: frequency shifting, not pitch shifting.

It differs from pitch shifting in that harmonic relationships are not maintained.

Check the free plug a posted a link a few posts above to hear it in action. ;)

(kazakore) #26

And the Pitch Envelopes would be closer to Pitch Bending anyway (or rather the envelope to pitch of an vco if we were talking a synth.) Pitch Shifting preserves length.

(Tarek-FM) #27

Yes, Indeed!! Good Point!! :walkman:

(pirate utopia) #28

Thanks!!! I’m downloading it :guitar:
That is what I want. I like that effect, and to have the freedom to work outside the western scale (or any other).
I think it would be a good tool in the Renoise´s arsenal. :yeah:

(Tarek-FM) #29

SWEEET man!! Glad to know I can help :walkman:

Since you mentioned working outside of western scales the following methods may help as well:

Download Toby Bear InsBag…there are 4 vsts in this pack.

is the one of importance. It is a sampler which supports .tun files,.scala files etc, which enable you to play in any scale u want.

If you do a search on the forum, someone uploaded a link to like 3000 of em!

Anyway, once you get the sampler playing the sound you want in the scale you want, you can just render the plug in to instrument and save it as an .xrni!

Was something that bugged for months til found that solution :)

Edit: Just realised I exaggerated a bit!!! 317 files to be exact and I think the link is dead.
However, I you want…PM me your e-mail and I can send you the zip as its a 1.5 MB file and can’t upload it here! :)

(kazakore) #30

I’ll happily host it on my server if you want to email it to me. Although my laptop has had a massive failure within a few minutes of getting to work this morning so can’t promise exactly when it will be (hopefully when if I put my desktop back together when I get home it will work and I will be able.)


(dblue) #31

On the Scala website there’s an archive containing more than 3900 .scl files:

Occasionally the website seems to be offline, but you can still get to it via Google’s cached copy.

(zeitgeber) #32

this is the kind of frequency shifter I would like to see in renoise, maybe double up with the ring modulator:

(Paurini) #33

Is there a possibility this can be created with a Chorus device? I would very much like this kind of thing native in Renoise.
Plenty of freq shifters out there but it feels better if it can be achieved natively in Renoise :)

(vV) #34

TheBellows was doing sort of an attempt here i suspect:

(TheBellows) #35

I’m not even shure how a frequency shifter works, so i’m not that convinced. :P
But if i find out how it works then i’ll probably make a doofer or something out of it, i can’t imagine that should be an impossible task with native renoise DSP’s. Only thing i miss in the doofer though, is that you can’t route inside them. It would be nice to be able to send from one doofer to another inside a doofer or be able to have parallel doofers inside another doofer.

(ffx) #36

Time-stretch sample play instead, please. And then also a wavetable engine.

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #37

Actually a #classic Octaver would be a pretty useful Add - On.


Time-stretch sample play instead, please. And then also a wavetable engine.

Yep, should license Elastique Pitch

Quite a few DAWs have this, not sure of cost but I would pay the extra

(Rpnz) #39

Elastique Pitch would be awesome for the new Renoise Update!

(ffx) #40

But that would only make sense with a complete overhaul of the sample editor.