Frequency tooltip in spectrum panel

I always wondered, why is the frequency tooltip in the spectrum analyzer displaying a note one octave higher than one would expect?



Personally I had not noticed this detail. It seems that octave 0 is ignored and octave 11 is out of place. That is, all notes are shifted an entire octave. If it’s a mistake, it’s a very absurd mistake that probably only involves changing a single number somewhere under the hood.

The range we handle in the instruments is from octave 0 to octave 9, that is, only 10 octaves. The spectrum handles 11 octaves (currently from 1 to 11). Should it be from 0 to 10?

  1. Frequence range of the spectrum: 20Hz from 22.000Hz
  2. Reference notes: D#1 from F-11
  • As a reference the C-8 note for a “ideal theoretician” virtual piano the frequence is ~4186 HZ.
  • The spectrum show a frequence to C-8 of ~2034Hz.

According to this criterion, there is a full octave displaced.

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My music theory book states:

subcontra: 2c
contra: 1c
grand: C
small: c
one-striped: c1
two-striped: c2
three-striped: c3
…up to six-striped: c6

In 1939 established in London: the a from the one-striped octave is 440 Hz.

So, basicly it’s not a notation of 1-10.

Different DAWs, different octaves. So there’s really nothing to complain about there.

However, Renoise should be consistent with itself imo.

It’s not even really an issue. It’s just that it has been like this forever and it doesn’t match with the note’s names in the editor so I’ve always wondered whether this was intentional or just an oversight

I wish it would display cents

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