Fresh Jungle Flavor

so i thought it might be nice to take a break from the craziness and just make a nice song.
I would love to get some feedback on it. thanks :)

nice dude. i really like your stuff. :yeah:

sounds sweet to me ! chilling feel overall, bit short though ? ah i just put it on repeat. :walkman:
if it was longer and then with some more variations, it would be prefect ? still very nice as is.

Velly nize.

Velly nize indeed! The strings are excellent!

thank you sirs, the comment on length got me thinking…when do you guys listen to music (besides all the time :) ) Like I only really listen to music when I’m driving around somewhere. and i have short attention span so a 3-5 minute song is perfect, unless it has a really awesome melody and what not.

anyways, for this track i figure it’s nothing that exciting but it’s got a good tempo and mix, which pretty much makes for great background music…which is what i was shooting for, something mindless/therapeutic/?/totally sexy. so if that’s the case…how long should it be? I seriously have no idea because none of my friends have attention spans or even a sense of how to relax haha. so basically this forum is one of the only places i can get some real opinions…unless of course what i said above describes you :) then just tell me to shutup