From Pc To Mac

Hello all,

My question is basic and i hope someone can help me. Excuse for my English

I was using Renoise on PC (windows), now i’m a new MAC user and i’m running Renoise on MAC OS X

I have installed all my VST plugin again but when i’m load my old song from pc, renoise don’t find any plugin.

But the plugin are here with the same name, they work.

So, the path of the plugin are written in the song ? And this is why renoise don’t find them now ?


Your old windows plug-ins will not work on your new macintosh.

You need to find/download mac versions of those plug-ins.


About Macintosh Plug-ins

There is much confusion when it comes to Macintosh VST/VSTi due to the history of the platform.

Up until 2006 all Macintosh were built using PowerPC processors. If you have a G4 or G5 then you have a PowerPC. Nowadays, all Macintosh computers are built using Intel x86 processors.

A lot of old Plug-ins were made before 2006 and never updated. These plug-ins are known as PowerPC specific. These old plug-ins will only work on a G4 or a G5. They will not work on newer Intel Macs.

Universal binary Plug-ins are compiled in a special way which allow them to operate on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. The symbol used to indicate this feature is the Yin-Yang. These types of plug-ins work on all Macs.

As PowerPC dies out, Macintosh Plug-ins are expected to become Intel Only. These newer Plug-ins will not work on PowerPC machines.


There are caveats when using multiple operating systems and 3rd party plug-ins and instruments (VST).

The same plug-in on Mac or Windows or Linux might not use the same parameters (or even have the same naming conventions) from one OS to an other. Different versions of the same plug-in on the same OS tend to also do this.


Ok thanks for your awnser !