From Renoise to Logic Pro and not back... unless

I haven’t posted anything in ages because I’ve abandoned the tracker world for a different thing.

And I miss Renoise, for one thing in particular : it’s the single best thing to make full tracks. Period.

It’s so easy to add or remove parts… so easy to add tons of complexity without getting completely lost or ruining everything by a misclick, a misaligned stuff or an automation that didn’t moved with a region.

There’s a reason it’s the de facto breakcore DAW : it makes complexity manageable and it’s a treat.

So, I want to go back on Renoise and only keep logic for final mix down and vocals… And I won’t because of 2 things and 2 things only :

  • no multitracking
  • no MPE (it sucks at recording midi data)

I’ve seen many posts dating all the way back to 2011 asking for those… I don’t know if they will ever be features of the DAW, nor what’s in the pipeline for the next version nor when the next version will drop but I hope something new and exciting will happen :slight_smile:

I am struggling with the lack of multitracking at the moment as well. It really does feel like a fundamental feature that’s sorely missing.

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Yeah… the “renoise” way to do it would be to have a record window that allows to map any number of input to any number of layer of any number of instrument


100%, I’d pay twice for this implementation of that feature.

At the mo I do some stuff in Renoise then some in Ardour and sometimes bounce everything back into Renoise or just finish a project in Ardour but it’s all a bit of a pain in the arse.

Sometimes I start everything in Ardour and just use Redux for some bits. This is perfectly OK too, depending on what I’m doing.

But yout idea would be my fave solution. Would result in me just using Renoise 100% of the time for everything.