From The Mist of Before (80s videogame laser trance)

OK, maybe this is how a lovechild of Streethawk, Enduro Racer and goa trance would sound like?

I did not employ almost any of Renoise´s fancy features, I did make a timestretch by hand at one point, and there´s one captured pad, but that´s about it.

I would like to recreate some of the synth sounds with my outboard gear, now it´s all made in the box, mostly with U-He ACE. But since in a way this was just some old project I wanted to finish and not really representative of my current sound, I´m not sure if I have the energy to work a lot more on this… But I´m happy how this turned out! I started this on a flight to some gig about a year ago, now found the beginning and finished everything in pretty much one go.

Oh, and I managed to hide small sample snippets of both Mellow Candle and Bridget St John there, altough it´s really not that evident :slight_smile:

Sounds very nineties, for better or worse. New things keep happening throughout the track, in the way that made old Amiga soundtracks (for example) worth listening to, all the way through, and personally I kind of like this sound, but it’s not doing anything new.

Yeah It´s just some old stuff I wanted finished, I guess from a pont of view of 2016 the steady 4/4 must seem antiquated :slight_smile: