From Yang to Yin (2018 Remake)

(BrainClaim) #1

What’s up, everyone!

I have decided to remake my trailer song From Yang to Yin into Drum & Bass which resulted in quite a huge increase in BPM, modification and improvement of the percussion system, bass boost and various additonal elements and sounds were added into the song + accompanied by drum & bass beat, I hope You like it! Every feedback is welcome!

(HeartBeatHero) #2

nice intro, great beats and nice and fuzzy base. I like!

(BrainClaim) #3

Thanks for the feedback, man! I am glad you like this :slight_smile:

(Cie) #4

Great intro and ending! The dark bass is too loud; the strings are wonderful and the beat is pulsating, maybe a bit to less beat; there is mostly a break when you just have found into the groove. But of course could be of purpose; overall nice sounds and fresh ideas.

(EatMe) #5

Quite good drum and bass. I like the drums a lot, and their equalizing and compression.

It is always complicated to create a very changing bass part in a short time without starting to use sampled loops. That could be more effort.

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  • downloadable mp3

  • extra points for Youtube, Soundcloud and .xrns posting / composition

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(BrainClaim) #6

Thanks for your feedbacks, guys, I really appreciate that :slight_smile: