Fruityloops VSTi's

you guys…

How do I get fruityloops vst plugins to work in Renoise?

Is it possible?

Merry X-mas you guys and a happy new year!


The compressor and the reverb do not work in renoise and neither does the delay (anymore)…

The rest do…

i’ve tryed to use the new version of “simsynth” und “wasp” but it doesn’t work! :angry:

any ideas? :blink:

Rob :
the FruityReverb and the FruityCompressor work in no other Host than FruityLoops (they are not free).

psyforce :
what exactly is the problem ?

ups, the guest that was me!

try deleting the vstinfo.dat file next to the renoise.exe and start renoise again.

i deleted this file but that makes no difference. renoise doesn’t find “simsynth” or “wasp”! damn, i love this simsynth! i used it in the past as stand-alone softwaresynth and created loops for ft2!

since i used simsynth the first time it was a dream to use it as VST-plugin in a tracker.

plz help, i need it so much! :rolleyes:

are they working with other hosts when using the same default vstdirectory ?
make sure that you dont have installed them 10 times into different directories and check if the dll’s are in the folder that is specified as renoise’s default vstdirectory .

Hmm… Yes wasp was the reason why I asked. But I know now that it is not freeware ($29) and the version i the fruityloops demo was probably only a test version that was somehow restricted to the fl demo.

Image-Line Software, who made wasp has also made simsynth ($35).

Hey PsyForce,

are you sure you installed the VSTi version of Wasp, which you
get with FruityLoops?

I did that & Wask works fine for me. The same goes for SimSynth.


See my last post.


no it doesnt! maybe now i know the prob! :rolleyes: it was an older version of simsynth! maybe it was only for fruityloops support!?!? :( sorry my mistake.


it looks like i do soo. ;)