Fs:Psp Vintage Warmer 2.3.1 Voxengo Crunchessor

as i have started to use acustica audio nebula for my eq and saturation(and soon comp)needs im selling the plugs i dont use anymore

so far i got these for sale

voxengo gliss eq 3.2 90 dollars

voxengo marquis compressor 1,4 75 dollars

voxengo crunchessor 30 dollars

paypal preffered

pm me if int

Just to help your sale, I can really vouch for Crunchessor. It’s a brilliant all-round compressor, especially when used in the clear/neutral settings. I’ve been using it a lot in multi-band mode to brings out the natural brightness in things.

vintage warmer sold


voxengo gliss eq and marquis compressor

pm me if interessted