would it be possible to add a stretch to bpm feture into the rubberband timestretch tool?

(i also posted this in the comments section on the tools page)but guess suva havent seen it yet

If you know the original BPM of the sample, it might be possible to add a calculation algorithm and reset the tempo of the file.
I don’t think the Tempo option in Rubberband is BPM related though.

I am not sure how to calculate that? Just use the current algorithm, but instead of selected BPM, let user insert it? Or add “From” and “To” tempo selections?

I imagine it like this: user can define the lenght of the sound in bars/beats and the desired tempo. I’ll work well on drum loops or any well trimmed material.

It alreay works like that, except the BPM is taken from current song BPM, you can temporarily change it to get tempo other than the one in the song.

a “from” and "to2 selection would be nice,we could atleast see how well it would work??

But if I don’t know the tempo of the sample… I only maybe know it’s 8 beats long…

Then you set the song tempo to whatever you want the sample tempo to be, and set the stretch length to 8 beats.