Ft2 Differences

Okay, i allready feel like a cows ass asking this question, but i’ll still do it.

When i’m editing my pattern and play it, the pattern strats at the end of the previous play.
I was used to a start at the beginning of the pattern. Is this possible (it must be) or am I dumber than the cow standing in the rain right now.


strange… i don’t get it. whether i press ctrl, alt it always starts at the beginning of the pattern. by default, it’s leftshift+rightcontrol to make what you say happen. maybe you have a foreign keyboard… hmm?

maybe you can play around with config|keyb/mouse or the Misc tabs.


I think it is my keyboard or my computer.
Started off with another song and from that moment, it all worked perfectly.
Think the keyboard is decayed to a pile of youknowwhatimean.

Anyway, this programm rules the world!!!

I’ve been dreamin of this since i left ft2 cause of my hardware.
This really is the BOMB!!!

:D :yeah: :drummer:

Yeah I wasn’t used with that iether at first, but it’s nice sometimes. Like when you just want to hear in the middle of the pattern. And the same thing happens when you switch patterns, so this is good when copying blocks from one pattern at the other without using the arrows or page down/page down to reach the right place at the pattern everytime… If you want to reach the beginning of the pattern just hit the Home button. Same thing in FT2 … :)

You can play either

  • looping the current pattern, starting from the top of it
  • playing the song, starting from the top of the current pattern
  • playing the song, starting from the current line
    by using (defaults, you can configure the keys) right ctrl, alt and menukey.