Ft2 Fasttracker 2 Keyboard & Theme For Renoise 2

Hi Renoisers,

I updated the “FastTracker 2 Keyboard & Theme” for Renoise v2.50. If you made music with FastTracker II in the 90’s, these files were made for you to compose easily with Renoise v2.50 !!!

To download the files, go to eMule and type : “FT2_FastTracker_2_Keyboard_&_Theme_For_Renoise_2-iNTERLuNe (2010).rar”
Else, send me a mail to : audiofr@free.fr



Emule sucks major if files aren’t shared that massively.

There are also file sharing sites (unlike Rapidshare) that allow deeplinking and do not require waiting times or slow downloads…

I thought Emule died like 7 years ago…at least it should have. Most stupid p2p-Network ever.

Could you download the file to one of the free filehosters? Would be much appreciated. :)

What is this e-mule? Is it the predecessor to gopher or something?

I am willing to help the community, I can host the file on my site with direct downloads for everyone, let me know…

and BYTE-Smasher, emule is part of the ed2k network - mlDONKEY - amule - emule, haven’t used it in ages…