Ft2 Shift + Tab-Behaviour

I have a suggestion for the Shift + tab. When the “cursor” is in any other than the note-column/lane of a track, in other words:(instrumen/volume/pan/delay/fx -column) and I press shift + tab the cursor is moved to the note-column of the previous track straight away.

Instead of directly jumping to the previous track, I would like it if the cursor, first, jumped to the note-column of the track it’s already in.

What I mean is to mimic the tab-behaviour of FastTracker2/SkaleTracker. I like this behaviour and it speeds up, at least, my workflow. Sure I can press shift+tab and then tab to jump to where I want to be but I don’t find it very streamlined.

Most likely I’m the only one who wants this and it is probably a stupid little suggestion. But since there already are a few optional FT2-behaviours…

Or can this be fixed with a script?

Have a look in: Preferences > Keys > Pattern Editor > Navigation

In particular, look at the “Jump to…” key bindings. Do you have Tab mapped to tracks or columns in there? I have it mapped to columns and it seems to behave in the way that you want, if I have understood you correctly.

I did try it before posting but didn’t seem to get the correct result… will look into it again.

edit: yes it is mapped to columns.

I’ve just been experimenting a bit more and I understand what you were talking about now. I think what we need are some new key bindings for: Jump to Next Sub-Column and Jump to Previous Sub-Column.

I believe this has been mentioned in other threads as well.

Sounds like an awesome solution

this could maybe be incorporated together with a ‘bigger’ idea/suggestion, that is to make the selection of a column through the keyboard easier. this is discussed here. i think the two ideas are kinda ‘on the same page’.

by the way, +1 for this.