Fuck Sidekick

Yah, that’s right… you heard me.


Fuck it right up it’s input

But it was a solution till 2.1 right? It doesn’t sound too grateful for an app that was initially released for free.

Oh, it went pay? Well fuck it even more :P

No, I hated it tbh… I mean, kudos to the dev for producing it… but it always seemed buggy to me… I always had a hard time with the controls, and that whole “not saving settings” issue from way back just turned me off of it. Granted, that was a renoise+sidekick problem, and I heard it was fixed… but I could still never bring myself to use it, after other attempts. I got better results using sends and the maximizer.

As for gratitude, I should say that I am hugely grateful to people that spend their time producing free plugins… this thread was more in jest, as sidekick and other third party plugs were always offered up as a reason why we would never need native sidechaining capabilities.

I’ll grant you that one, but fortunately the team never agreed with this alternative waivery either.

And for this I’m eternally grateful :P

fuck them for never making a OSX version ;)

i will try and find out how the signal follower works today,lets hope bungle will make some of hes tutorials :D

He said early this night we should be grateful we didn’t released the new version before he did the last three because he is currently consuming all his time on preparing for some live battle (with the new Renoise i presume)…