Full N Key Rollover For Mac


I’m gonna buy a new keyboard, and was wondering if you know any full n key (or at least 5-6 keys) rollover for MAC?

I’ve read the article (http://www.renoise.com/indepth/equipment/crippled-chords-without-full-n-key-rollover/comment-page-1/) including comments, but no one there suggests any model for Mac. A windows-based keyboard would confuse me when not working in Renoise.

Hi, I use a Macbook Pro and the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard and it works just fine, what aspect of a windows-based keyboard would confuse you?

I’m writing this on a Das Keyboard III Ultimate - works on both platforms, no driver required!
With no key inscriptions you don’t have to worry about os-specific keys. But you will brand yourself as a nerd in the eyes of friends and colleagues :slight_smile: