Full-on Psytrance


Most done in renoise :))
I’m curious if you guys think this is cool. Any feedback is welcome :)


Thanks for listening!

Nice founding beat/bassline. The pads are too loud in the beginning, and dominate the listener’s attention too much. I like the voice coming in 1:36ish. By 2:15 I feel a chord change or something would be nice. Nice semi-outro 2:50ish. I thought the breakdown was kinda long; I like it when a psytrance song jumps back into itself quickly. By 3:50 I’m definitely waiting to be impressed with the climax of the song. New voice 4:00ish, interesting, though it kinda feels like part of a different song to be introduced so late. 5:14 has a lot of nice energy, though maybe could have even more going on, as it is the fulcrum of the song’s energy.

I liked the song overall, you have the basics for beat and bass down great; I did feel, however, that there should have been more tension and “nervous feeling” as that’s what makes Psytrance fun. :)


Good beat and bass line, no overusing of effects, manages to catch the attention for 7 mins =)
I like how the new ideas are progressively introduced through the track and overlayed.

Thanks for the tips and listening!!
I was hoping i could maybe sell this, but it might be to old style for that…

Pretty good. :)

Thanks :))

Nice song, I like it :)

I think it would need good compressor on each channel & on final output. I for example use T-Racks.

We have similar bass line, take a listen my [old] XTC song, I think the bass sounds fatter [thanx to TRacks] and louder [thanx to final output]:

Whooohooo KILLER track!!!
Yeah compared to your song mine sounds a bit too clean. I held back on the compression because i used to overdo it and squeeze all dynamics out. I did do some mastering, but i thought i could always do it a second time. Squeezed to around -7,5dB RMS at loudest point of the song and allready thought i overdid it, but when i checked an old track of cpu, it was nothing :0 at around -3,5dB RMS. :)) I don’t have T-racks though.
Did it bother you the arrangement is to ‘blocky’ and did you mind the same synth riff coming in twice at the end?
ATM i’m sick of the song, but maybe, if someone would want to release it i’ll get back to it. Do you think I have a change (it’s probably not hip enough). Assuming you released your track??
So you squeeze the bassline before you sidechain it, i quess?

Thanks for the tips!

Well I always have compressor VST set to final output [this is how my Renoise blank / default song is saved] and then add at least one compressor to each track. This way song will be 4x louder than without compressors.

Of course, no need to use TRack. Renoise compressors are good enough too :)

About my songs - I don`t earn much from Psytrance or Electro [it is my favorite style and as a hobby in my [very rare] free time]. I work as a designer and multimedia artist & earning money from commercial songs [mostly ingame music for apps / games for iOS, Android, PC & MAC] and graphic design.

About bassline - when it is played, it sounded very tinny. Then I equalized it a bit and added compressor VST. With some more tweaking [volume, panning etc] - I was satisfied with sound.

Keep the music playing. I like your work :)

Thanks man! You got a great stereo image aswell! Mine sounds almost mono to yours. You keep on making stuff too. its really good :)
To bad it does not earn much… :(. For me its more about recognition that i made a professional track that getting money from it. It would be cool though to make some money with this hobby instead of only spending on it. But for that maybe i have to learn some more… ;) Thanx for your kind words :)

:) Well I realzied - the more stupid video [and music] you create - the more viewers will have. Take a look at this:


It has over 12 millions [!?] and there is money - from video monetizing [Youtube ads]. [Here is english translation so you will know what I am singing about] ->


But my other [“serious” songs, I’ve created that I love] has barely 10.000 views :) Now you see what I mean :)

Lol!!! This is funny. In a way it’s nice that happy stuff gets shared so fast, but i can understand your frustration.
I made a song with a friend a long time ago about two goldfish. It’s in the same catagory ;). Unfortunatly we both can’t find it anymore…
But 12 million views is cool. A real youtube hit :) And 10.000 for your stuff you put your heart in is very good aswell. I can only be jealous of it.
Did you ever upload a pic of your studio on this forum? I’m curious :)
Your prog tracks a good aswel btw :)

:D Thanks :) Well currently I am preparing another children song… what I can do… :S :( :)

Well about my “studio” - it is nothing. Just few iOS & Android devices [for drums & effects & live acts], laptop, a PC and Renoise with lots of VSTs… Not much to show but here it goes anyway [click on the images to see it a bit larger]:



Thats not much, but it’s another proof it’s about the artists talent and not his gear ??
I’ve collected a nice little studio over the years with a virus and nord ?
Last summer I build a whole bunch of basstraps. This really helps a lot because my studio room is like a small kubus…
What monitor speakers do you use? It looks hifi in the pic??

To be honest, I’ve never paid attention to good monitors [speakers]. So what I still use are old [but good] hi-fi speakers :) How I final mix my stuff - simple - just open good remixed song in WaveLab, hear how it sounds and manage my output [or Renoise project] to sound as similar as possible [in term of bass, equalizer and compressor]. For now it works well. But I am sure real speakers will help :)