Full Screen Matrix


I think this is a very professional programmed tracker.

but I miss a bigger pattern matrix, for a better overwiev. (full / 3/4 Screen)
I also think that changing font size for showing the actual pattern line
by playing is really confusing.

it would be great to add a knob for closing the bottom window,
because i think there is no need to see these settings all the time
in that size.

stay tuned

I think your wishes might come true, if you check out the 1.3 info on this forum…


a new empire is rising…

what about a “print pattern/track” option ?

=saving the track as a document file
including a list of used samples.

( I lost more tha 200 FT2 modules by a harddisk crash…)

Well if you REALLY wanted them back, there are companies that specialize in data retrieval, even on broken HD’s.
It’ll cost you an arm and a leg mind you though.

I heard from a friend who’ve had contact with such a firm, that they said a HD becomes unretrievable after heating to something like 400 C… Below that was no problem :)

(of course it depends on other factors as well)

I’m not up to date with the current rates of body parts :), but I’ve heard they charge 2000€ to just have a look at it…

As a side note, I had a broken HD which had been lying in my closet for the last 3 years. Thing is I had a master copy of an edited movie from Kilimanjaro on it which was dying to get back. And I actually got it back without losing a single arm or a leg… but kids, do not try this at home :) Here’s how I did it:

I put out an internet ad for a HD with the same brand, revision, sectors, cylinders and everything else and actually found a used one that was almost exactly the same. Then I switched the control cards of the harddisks and fiddled around with it for two days to get it working. The trick was to put it as secondary slave using single DMA mode #2, coupled together with another HD. Then it would boot up in Win98 (XP didn’t work). Problem was I couldn’t copy files > 2 gig with UDMA switched off, but it worked splitting the files. And it took me about 1 hour per gig to copy it to a much smaller disk, reboot, switch to my normal XP harddrive, copy the files to the XP HD and then do it all over again a few times. And now I have it back again, plus I have two miniDV and a few DVD copies just to be sure :) I’m still amazed this really worked!!! :D But I doubt it will ever work again…


Thanks for the suggestions…
But its too late…
The disk was really hard infected by a “friendly” virus.
Even other the systems of my friends were not able to read or even formating the disk.

After two weeks trying to reconstruct,

(make it ready for ebay :) )

I already had a new system, so I felt much better after this.
so I could start a completely new “tracking career”.

I don’t care about my old machine, but I was cryin’ rivers for my
modules. I have some copys, but just in very bad mp3 quality;
so I’m not able to work on them anymore, and I’m not interrested
to reconstruct them in the same way. Never thought this could happen.

And it was exactly the day when I wanted to start to make security discs.

Y’know, every time one of my love storys was ending,
I was shure, my music would never leave me.

“But nothing lasts forever, even cold novemberrain…”

So who’s the next out there ? :)

PLEASE just think about this pattern/ track&sample-list print otion.<<

…one day you will remeber me

stay tuned