Fun way to automate

Hi! I’m a noob so this is probably geared towards other noobs like me. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a wobbly envelope just how you want it. Here’s my trick. Sample your voice doing the modulation you want. It will sound silly. Throw a signal follower and a gainer on it. Route the signal follower to your desired effect (wet/dry knob on comb filter etc) and turn the gainer all the way down so everything after the signal follower is silent. Super fun!


That’s actually a really cool idea, thanks for sharing!

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Excellent idea, thank you very much for posting this!

Wonder if using the ‘Audio In’ track function could
allow for something like this to be done live…

Renoise really does provide several very powerful
methods to affect audio routing.

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Yes, that is a neat trick. I’ve used many different sounds to modulate my sounds. Rain, wind, ocean and traffic. And different instruments, of course. Never thought about making the modulation shape with my mouth. I’m gonna give that a try for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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