Fun with mda vsts

Just something to share that I’ve been having some fun with, gui-less mda vst instruments and effects.

You can find the Windows 64 bit versions from here:

You can find the older Win32 and Mac/AU files as well as a downloadable help file on the main site:

There are quite a few effects and a few instruments, including a really sweet piano in the downloads. These have been around for awhile but they still sound pretty good to me. :slight_smile:

A few things I like about using these in Renoise.

  1. Renoise creates a native-look gui on the fly in the effects section for effects, and a simple native-look “floating” gui for the instruments.

  2. The effects can be used just like native Renoise effects in sample macros or combined as doofers.

  3. The effect or instrument parameters can be easily automated like native Renoise effects or instruments.

  4. It offers alternatives to a few of the native Renoise effects and adds some Renoise doesn’t have.

  5. Really low CPU loading, very stable and simple. :wink:

So, if you’re looking for something a bit different to try, give 'em a go and see what you think.


They are great, there a few really interesting ones. They are available for Linux as well.

I recommend using the VSTs on Mac. More of them and 64bit

also the JX10 is really nice for dubby stabs. Nice and Juno-esque