isn’t it cute? :D


That’s just sad!! :(

I was waiting for something terrific to happen… but there is no side kick, it ends exactly as it begins… with no surprise!
That surprised me! :lol:

The cats made me cry :(

yeah, i know i know… i had a tear in my eye too ;)

but dont forget, its not like girls are like that in real life… :)
if you know what i mean… :)

Same here!!! Hehe… Don’t get me wrong, trackit, it was a good kind of sad! Very cute indeed!

I always expect something horrid to jump up and laugh in my face. “Booo, scared ya?” Never does scare me either. Just pisses me off that people go for those cheap tricks…

That made this one nice. :)

Oh, and there ARE girls in “real life” who are like that. And that’s really sad!!


Kikkoman rules!! Wahahaha :D

name one… and i say i found my wife :lol:

no seriously… most girls are little too arrogant and vainglorious, because of the attention they get from men :) well, at least good looking ones :lol:

Personally I prefer those who haven’t been floating on their looks their whole life, like the other day I met this amazingly gorgeous girl, a real knock-out… She comes from a really different culture and have been told how good she looks, but haven’t gotten the attention and respect she so rightfully deserves, and was really floating after only a few compliments, hehe… :)

Anyway, looks aren’t everything. But back to the point, those girls I mention, they are lulled in some imaginary world about this one prince, coming to sweep them off their feet, finding some guy/girl who looks and acts just like the person in their dreams (obviously made up after some fairytale or movie character), ignore that they might be a total asshole/loser or not after the same thing, and ignore somebody real.

Hm, or something. :rolleyes:

Would you marry that girl?

Vain and arrogant girls who think they are better than others get no attention from me.

oh, if that what you meant then yes… :) there are quite some girls who are waiting for their prince to come (some rich, handsome, famous one ;) )

But those girls dont sit like that, looking at the stars and dreaming :)
They party around and have fun, its just that no ordinary man is good enough for them to have some decent relationship…

And one thing is that actually girls somehow like men who act little “arrogant” They see selfconfidence in that behaiviour, like “man knows what he wants and gets what he wants, and he dont give a damn about what other think, he has strong nature and character, he’s the man” :) girls dig that “bad boy” syle ;)
As oposed to those types of men who are amenable, indulgent, maybe too friendly, like… would you like me to do this? can i get you that?, do you feel good? etc etc like searching for approval… like hes insecure… week…

I know, i know, i dont think this is right but thats the way it is :)

And my theory is that girls act little arrogant and vainglorious because they like it in men (in reasonable amounts of course) and therefore they think that men also like that in women… :) (which is not the case usually)…er&descasc=DESC


That’s LOL :lol:
Only one drunk body with so many variations and ideas

cough cough
About girls… let me just point out:

The more they are good-looking and the more they are disadvantaged.

Let me explain.

As bad as it comes, I have to shrink it up to a simple point: improving your inner being, you self-consciousness, most of the times, it means finding out that your previous theory or idea was a “fake”, was not “your” or was just a thin theory in one gullible mind.
Any side you take that you must end up with you accepting that you went wrong “before”… if you want to grow your opinion to a new and hopefully better understanding “after”.
You renounce to a part of you and, most of the times, you swear after yourself for having been so long acting elseway.
“Shit, he/she is right, I’m a jerk, why the hell do I said/did/felt that?”
“Hell… what a jerk… it’s true… I say in a way… but instead I always…”
and so on.

Now back to girls…
If you are an ultra-hot elven-like chick of terrific power… who’s going to discuss with you? If you even happen to find someone who has balls to be critic to you… well… why the hell do you have to listen, discuss and feel bad and think that you “might” be somehow “wrong”? It’s much easier to send that guy to hell… in a couple of minutes, as soon as you turn the corner of the street, there will be again a whole world of people ready to do almost anything just to impress you… no matter what you say… for what they care about, you are just OK like this already.

That’s (in a very short and pop way) how it is that a certain number of good-looking girls might give that weird feeling of being “immature”.
Because they are <_<

Whilst I don’t think every person that knows he/she is considered attractive has the traits of being a spoiled brat, it’s kind of accurate for alot of them. If they’re not aware of it, their chance of having a lower threshold for walking away than for a person who isn’t considered to be that much of a catch in the physical sense is certainly higher. But considering the fact that most everyone thinks they’re ultra-hot, projecting this type of behaviour on larger parts of the globe would work remarkably well.