Fundraising for YouthMusic - Alcohol-free 2016!

So many people want to give up alcohol for January, I thought its not really a big deal…so decided to do the entire year and raise money for YouthMusic.

They are an inspiring charity - giving the chance for kids with rough lives the chance to make music, write lyrics and perform. In the past we’ve worked with kids who are carers for their family, have no parents or are from exceptionally poor backgrounds.

Any donations are welcome


The gift of music to children is indeed inspiring and a noble pursuit on your part.

Hats off to you sir!

Good lad! Personally I’ve been alcohol free since 2011, but before then i drank enough for like 10 people, so…

And good for you Keef!

Cheers its been surprisingly easy so far. One month down!

Here is a small article on why I’m doing it