Funk Fuck

BYTE-Smasher and I are proud to present you this … hmm thing:

The original song (by BYTE and I) is longer, you can find it on my virb page:

The video was supposed to be longer too but I will be reusing these images in another more serious project so I won’t finish this video (I love how I’m learning so much every time I do that)


aaahhh! get up!!
very enjoyable, both viddi and audio :yeah:


I should point out that JBL did way more on this track than I did… but I’m responsible for all the coolest parts. Rly. I take autographs in #renoise if you’re interested.

PS: JBL is actually the mastermind here… I just added distortion. Plz ignore all previous lulz.


Very well done! I did like this, an evolution on from that Boxxy video. The whole vid could use some grime filter to make it look a little more dirty and lofi.