Funky Mcnasty

Hi All,

I’ve been giving my hard drive a bit of a spring clean and thought I’d share a few odds and sods that never evolved into finished tracks.

These are all original parts recorded and composed by me (except the cry me a river melody*) so they are royalty free and you are welcome to use and abuse them as you wish in part or whole.

Dunno about BPMs this far down the line but I tend to hover between 90 and 120, most of them are in either Eb or Ab I think as I tune my guitar a semitone down. I tend to double-track heavy parts for stereo width so some are marked as left / right and are separate, individual takes - not digital duplicates.

The vast majority were recorded using an SM57 close-mic’d on a celestion-loaded Laney 4X12 cab with an original 5150 all-tube head providing the juice from my Washburn N4 guitar, a modded crybaby provides the wah.

The bass parts are a Specter Legend 5 DI’d via a Boss ODB3 overdrive pedal. There is absolutley no line 6 pod / NI guitar rig bullshit involved so you are dealing with pure analogue source material! The cry me bits were DI’d through a CUBE80XL cos that’s all I had at the time.

Anyway tuck in and I’d love to hear your tracks if you find any of these samples useful. I’m also happy to provide bespoke guitar parts if you like what you hear but don’t find anything that fits your track, although I am between cabs for the next few weeks and tend to avoid amp sims like the plague.

*My dad auditioned for BBC’s ‘The Voice’ and needed an original backing track - don’t ask!

Sounds interesting… I’ll give it a go. erm… if I make a track, I reckon I will just come back n bump this thread. downloading now. cheers