Funny Little Free Sampler (wickeeeed)

Freeware sampler by Doktor Schmitt (


Memory: 10 seconds

6 Parameters:
1-Fonction : rec / stop / play
2-Speed : the speed of the sample
3-Sens : forward / reverse / pingpong
4-In: sample start point
5-Out: sample end point
6-Gain out

It looks a bit the retrigger effect of Dblue’s glitch but standalone and pattern free, very very precise indeed.

Hope you ll enjoy ;)

wow, will have to take a look at this :)

Everything that resembles Glitch is worth looking into.

Thanks for posting!

automatable loop points are definitely something worth looking into.

hotness!! thanks!

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)

nice one!

i think it was instrument(

Original version can be found at this page

A lot of my old tracks use this effect, and unfortunately it generates a lot of click noises…someone really need to do a new version with built-in click-removal. Anybody good with Synthedit ??