Funny Prank Inside Winxp?

yesterday i reinstalled my winxp and was tweaking up gui for ready to action when i noticed this funny lil thing. i was testing desktop wallpapers which come along with xp and tried purple flower. well, in center of that flower you can see somekind of blurry sunflowers (looks like that) and middle of those blurred sunflowers there is somebodys middle finger…or am i just flip out? :D

I see what you mean and it looks like a finger but I think it is the flowers hmm don’t know what they are called in english…


god has a very childish sense of humour

That image reminds me of god sticking his finger up (top leftish)

Bigger version here

looks to me like a mirrored south-america sticking the finger. (while someone is hanging at the bottom)
but to be honest it reminds me of some rorschach test either. :)

looks like my lungz

I see the face and torso of a very disgusting looking baby. It looks like the proportion of a baby, yet a very old and disturbing appearance.

I see a breast and wings too.

God “IS” disturbing.